View Full Version : Hunger games?

06-17-2016, 08:43 AM
If this is supposed to be the "Hunger Games" as its know from other games or the movie, you should run it on the testserver with a backup where nobody have any skills or stats higher than you've got them at the beginning of a new charackter. also you should put the skillgain to +20x.
so people spawn without any stuff, there might be some containers can be looted by player to get a easier start.

so everyone is going to survive and start at zero. gathering stuff, unlocking schemes, making armor and weapons. after a certain time (2h? 3h?) all players will be portet to a closed area where they fight each other.
this is how hunger games works.
Ark is using this concept (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NSUEgrveEA) very well.

Same for capture the flag event, it makes NO sense to run such a event on a server where people already have charackters. you can win this event pretty easy without doing any combat, but how will a new player win against someone who have action skills up already. its cool we have this stuff build by Oak and Sark, but it should only run on the testserver where people have to creat a new char without any combat skills. guides could tell them a word which needs to be included right before the event start. any random word, for example xsyon2468, and you not have to creat a toon called PeanXsyon2468, to make sure this char didnt exist before and wasnt lvled. with this conditions events will never be fair. i won skinning events when other player wasnt even able to kill these rabbits in the past. needs to be balanced or you can just give the coins to anyone online at this time and skip the event.

06-24-2016, 11:03 PM
Well I understand the balance issue, I've had a hard time balancing teams in the past. But I've been talking with Jordie and we have some plans in the pipe that will bring the balance issue under control while letting us play on existing accounts. They wont be available for this round of events but hes working on it right now.