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  1. Material Requirements Missing (Bug)
  2. Water spout into the sky (Bug)
  3. Storage Buildings Issue (Bug)
  4. log / bag bug (Bug)
  5. unable to create a new player (Bug)
  6. possible stats bug (Bug)
  7. Skill Issues (Bug)
  8. Wartotem (Bug)
  9. Other People's locked bags in your tribe space (Bug)
  10. Animation / Sound Overlap When Holding Attacks And Moving (Bug)
  11. workshop container bug (Bug)
  12. action menu rt click ui problem (Bug)
  13. issue with trusses and cantilevers (Bug)
  14. Suggestions (Bug)
  15. Oddities after patch (Bug)
  16. Crafting panel stat display bug (Bug)
  17. Crafting panel scrolling bug (Bug)
  18. "you dont have room for that" Part 2 (Bug)
  19. Craft knives in workshop not recognised (Bug)
  20. "you dont have room for that" (Bug)
  21. Action menu on all containers (Bug)
  22. Crafting panel not see logs in attached cart. (Bug)
  23. "F4"-key does not work (Bug)
  24. Can't Parry (Bug)
  25. Scavenged resource assortment changes instantly (Bug)
  26. bundles not available for crafting in workshop or cart (Bug)
  27. Icons for baskets and Items is wrong (Bug)
  28. Pets can be killed in thier stable on PVP by other players or their pets (Bug)
  29. pet from deleted player non interactible (Bug)
  30. Permission Issues (Bug)
  31. Pet bug ? (Bug)
  32. Hunger Thirst and Weight bars stuck behind bottom right menu. (Bug)
  33. wrong info of skills on creating new character (Bug)
  34. wrong planting makes toon unable to interract with any object in game (Bug)
  35. in crafting, system does not queue actions, (Bug)
  36. PVP Server down? (Bug)
  37. top action menu can not have opened 2 different containers same time (Bug)
  38. if you click on anything in world outside of opened containers window all containers windows closes (Bug)
  39. Character Creation broken after patch (Bug)
  40. crafting does not work if craft bar in options is set to horizontal (Bug)
  41. Tame & Feed options disappear when enablling Rt Click Variant for Action menu (Bug)
  42. bow not working if mouse combat is set to ON (Bug)
  43. Can not unlearn recipes (Bug)
  44. New Crafting menu when combat open bugs whole game... (Bug)
  45. No characters statistics gain on doing some actions (Bug)
  46. Lost Health Points on Character after Ranged and Bows were added (Bug)
  47. Server Performance is crap (Bug)
  48. Feeding Animals (Bug)
  49. cant equip gear with ui scaled (Bug)
  50. Cannot move Trade Totem (Bug)
  51. UI-Issue New player (Bug)
  52. UI issue - crafts bar (Bug)
  53. UI parts missing. (Bug)
  54. Trapped animal. (Bug)
  55. Skill Point Window (Bug)
  56. Crashing to desk-top. (Bug)
  57. Taming and feeding issue (Bug)
  58. some animals chasing as fast as mount speed (Bug)
  59. Blue Prints not able to be scavenged (Bug)
  60. Bag Bug (Bug)
  61. Welcome Stations Inactive Still showing up for spawn points for new players. (Bug)
  62. Pets not walking on floors (Bug)
  63. terraforming (Bug)
  64. building (Bug)
  65. building support bug (Bug)
  66. truss+beam bug (Bug)
  67. Pets "ignoring" commands (Bug)
  68. Taming Bug (Bug)
  69. Resource Bug (Bug)
  70. Able to bury Tribe Totem (Bug)
  71. Stables (Bug)
  72. Pulling scrap (from resource window) uses resource skill (Bug)
  73. Cant See player HP on mouse over on the target Frame (Bug)
  74. Tamed Pets can Kill players on PVE (Bug)
  75. stack of meat to heavy to butcher off an animal (Bug)
  76. Pet Becomes Invisible (Bug)
  77. Animal stuck (Bug)
  78. Lord_Grumpy, where art thou? (Bug)
  79. Long Douglas Fir Logs (Bug)
  80. No fire has the Flame animation (Bug)
  81. Scavenging (Bug)
  82. Supreme food? (Bug)
  83. Bin and Pouch issues putting items in the blocks (Bug)
  84. drink 2 times, but make 3 drink sounds (Bug)
  85. quest text box bug (Bug)
  86. Farming bug. (Bug)
  87. Fire height issue (Bug)
  88. Fix seeing through walls (Bug)
  89. mutant creature in water (Bug)
  90. Fire in water? (Bug)
  91. Cannot Tame due to Custom UI (Bug)
  92. Deers Mutants and Normals Run away when hit (Bug)
  93. Super Revs (Bug)
  94. Leather parts are Purple (Bug)
  95. Game Freeze (Bug)
  96. Insta death (Bug)
  97. what subscrpition? (Bug)
  98. Death while moving (Bug)
  99. Animals and lag (Bug)
  100. Issue with right click menu (Bug)
  101. only 3 Campfires give out light (Bug)
  102. Combat mode (Bug)
  103. BluePrint Disappeared (Bug)
  104. Basketry (Bug)
  105. TEST Server Stats (Bug)
  106. Quest Totem EXP (Bug)
  107. Quest Totem Descriptions (Bug)
  108. Testserver..game crash (Bug)
  109. Quest Totem Descriptions Part 2 (Bug)
  110. Animals glitch (Bug)
  111. Food Buffs and other buffs don't seem to show (Bug)
  112. Old Member have problem! (Bug)
  113. Right-click on other char for Trading / Friend / Ally etc bugged? (Bug)
  114. Ping (Bug)
  115. Mobs not moving or attacking (Bug)
  116. Server Stability (Bug)
  117. GetTextureIndexPack CreatePack Failed (Bug)
  118. [CRASH] while swimming in water Zone 978 (Bug)
  119. Patch Early Monday Feb 12 2018 now laggy (Bug)
  120. Indoors Buff Bug (Bug)
  121. [CRASH] swimming in water Zone 659 (Bug)
  122. Water Barrel Bug (Bug)
  123. Leathercrafting Bug - Loss of stats on final Item - Something broken or Nerfed ?? (Bug)
  124. Walls not working (Bug)
  125. High ping in full screen mode. (Bug)
  126. [CRASH] Changing texture filter (Bug)
  127. No Full Screen Settings Available! (Bug)
  128. Levelling Up At Deed Edge Levels Down instead (Bug)
  129. 1920x1080 Windowed Resolutions Don't Work (Bug)
  130. Allies windows not showing tribes you are allied with (Bug)
  131. [Additional Info added] Trade item not deletable (Bug)
  132. Gadu Truss 8x8 giving indoors buff with no covering (Bug)
  133. no food water or weight (Bug)
  134. [BUG] Forager's Cart Handle (Bug)
  135. Forum "Quick Links" gives no results (Bug)
  136. Trade Totem price per unit not updating when typing in the price (Bug)
  137. Pine Marten Buck running though Stone walls (Bug)
  138. Walls and Animals (Bug)
  139. Character Creation (Bug)
  140. [BUG] Launcher Bug (Bug)
  141. Help (Bug)
  142. Second monitor will not go into combat mode (Bug)
  143. caught a 4x4 scavenger floor when fishing (Bug)
  144. Quest Totem Bug (Bug)
  145. changing resolution cause a bug (Bug)
  146. Wiki information gone (Bug)
  147. 2 Issues on War Server (Bug)
  148. Friends / Foe List empty after update (Bug)
  149. Scrap pile issue (Bug)
  150. Complications to Play (Bug)
  151. Launcher Fails to launch Xsyon (Bug)
  152. Avast AV Gamer mode (Bug)
  153. Cooking (Bug)
  154. Hitboxes (Bug)
  155. New Character gender right arrow doesn't cycle through (Bug)
  156. Zone 697 (Bug)
  157. Rice Grass Trasparency issue (Bug)
  158. Scuba diving animals (Bug)
  159. Basket Locks not displaying in tooltip when basket is inside a store unit (Bug)
  160. Walk threw trees (Bug)
  161. Test server (Bug)
  162. Bad Zone (Bug)
  163. speed critter (Bug)
  164. Test server (Bug)
  165. Creature Swimming (Bug)
  166. Objects disapear when equiping a Winama Viper Axe (Bug)
  167. No clothing (Bug)
  168. Losing Recent Uses on skills and Crafts even when the lock is set Plus (Bug)
  169. Craft Skills - recent uses lost (Bug)
  170. Respawn list is horribly flawed now (Bug)
  171. Farming - Freshly planted seed - no seedling but game treats plant as present (Bug)
  172. Cart Bug (Bug)
  173. Pioneer corner railing II wont align with scavenger 8x8 corner floor (Bug)
  174. no highlight or target (Bug)
  175. No new recipes on Mist Trader (Bug)
  176. Lable of Gut Padding (Bug)
  177. Mule Deer (Bug)
  178. Dissect action stoped (Bug)
  179. Infinity range? (Bug)
  180. Character does not consume energy, (Bug)
  181. Extreme Lag and Desync (Bug)
  182. Game Freezing Up (Bug)
  183. cant log in (Bug)
  184. Fullscreen completely black (Bug)
  185. old bug marked as fixed but its not. (Bug)
  186. Mutant Deer Hoof Tooltip incomplete (Bug)
  187. gaps inbetween container slots (Bug)
  188. not a bug. (Bug)
  189. No Needle (Bug)
  190. Gadu 8m Beam is only 7.9m long (or Gadu 4x4 truss is broken) (Bug)
  191. How do I log in? Help pls (Bug)
  192. Bear trapped in motion 2 days + (Bug)
  193. Buildings and objects Glitching (Bug)
  194. Mason yakid post issue (Bug)
  195. Plowed land has granite surface (Bug)
  196. Gadu beam 8m seems bugged (Bug)
  197. technical issue (Bug)
  198. Black bear passed through Pioneer Wall Log I 4m (Bug)
  199. Tribe Leader and members unable to assign use of buildings (Bug)
  200. Water Barrel collision box is too big (Bug)
  201. corrupted files (Bug)
  202. Massive FPS drop (Bug)
  203. Invisible Bin (Bug)
  204. Rez bar (Bug)
  205. Memory leak (Bug)
  206. Bamati Patchwork Wall - mat requirements (Bug)
  207. pioneer parts (Bug)
  208. About Farming (Bug)
  209. Railing not placing on floor (Bug)
  210. Misleading texture on Mason Heavy Gate ghost (Bug)
  211. Impossible quest objectives (Bug)
  212. Tarp colour removal exploit (Bug)
  213. Invisible Tree Glitched (Bug)
  214. Dissappearing Logs (Bug)
  215. Trade Totem Bug (Bug)
  216. Crashing after maintenance 12/28/15 (Bug)
  217. Yardstick naming problems (Bug)
  218. Cart stuck on character (Bug)
  219. Cant see tribe conversations (Bug)
  220. Cursor dosn't move (Bug)
  221. Wrong Name of Creature (Bug)
  222. Crashing on startup (Bug)
  223. No carts on the pier (Bug)
  224. Glitch (Bug)
  225. New Mason Post grabbing our attention. (Bug)
  226. Launcher doesn't start the game (Bug)
  227. Firelight (Bug)
  228. ScreenShot key no longer works since the steam overlay compatibilty patch (Bug)
  229. Materials missed (Bug)
  230. crafting bug (Bug)
  231. "Material Missing" bug - Skill interruptions (Bug)
  232. Splitting felled tree into small/large logs won't activate (Bug)
  233. Cart Inventory issue (Bug)
  234. Pioneer Sheet Roof 4x4 not placeable atop base posts (Bug)
  235. Firewood (Bug)
  236. HP glitchy? (Bug)
  237. Forager's Bone Saw (Bug)
  238. Rev Armor Durability (Bug)
  239. Stuck on ramps (Bug)
  240. Scavenger Floor 8x8 mesh to thick (Bug)
  241. Name change (Bug)
  242. Craft Skill locks not working properly (Bug)
  243. Cant select the clothes for the character (Bug)
  244. Locked from Assigning use. (Bug)
  245. PVP Combat bug - Due to elevation. (Bug)
  246. Animals run through walls. (Bug)
  247. Mobs can walk through Granite Walls (Bug)
  248. Builder's lag returns (Bug)
  249. Infirmary 'floor' fallthru (Bug)
  250. Screen resolution and Full Screen Issues (Bug)