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Please list one only Suggestion per post. This enables us to implement, accept or reject individual Suggestions. Implemented suggestions have been either added to the game or addressed by another in game feature or system. Accepted suggestions are likely to be implemented in the future. Acknowledged suggestions have been read and may be considered but do not fit with the immediate game plan. Rejected suggestions are unlikely to be implemented but remain in the database for future consideration.
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  1. Arming the Unarmed (Feature)
  3. discord server! (Feature)
  4. Target Last Attacker (Feature)
  5. Conastoga Wagons (Feature)
  6. Preview ghost image (Feature)
  7. Combine Feature (Feature)
  8. Beacons, Bonfires and Barrels! (Feature)
  9. VR XSYON on Kickstarter (Feature)
  10. Drinking from barrel/bucket (Feature)
  11. Allied Quest Totems (Feature)
  12. Transfer bin contents (Feature)
  13. "To Cart" for all or/and bypassing the full spine slot (Feature)
  14. New Xsyon server PVE with PVP Areas (Feature)
  15. Favorite Recipes (Feature)
  16. Summoning of the last active pet (Feature)
  17. Info about skills/stats all tribe members (Feature)
  18. Torch (Feature)
  19. possibility of growing grass (Feature)
  20. List of players in your local range (Feature)
  21. Stacks of material (Feature)
  22. Crafting (Feature)
  23. cart use and blueprints (Feature)
  24. bring back left/right turn keybind (Feature)
  25. Allow passenger seat on cart dragged by mounted pet (Feature)
  26. Tracking option for killed prey (Feature)
  27. removing "farming"aka plowing icon from action bar. (Feature)
  28. timestamps in system chat messages (Feature)
  29. Setting to disable or control intensity of object highlighting on mouse hover (Feature)
  30. We need revorked Xsyon wiki or new one (Feature)
  31. feathers from chickens (Feature)
  32. Love this Game Thank You! (Feature)
  33. Merchant or Market Place (Feature)
  34. End Game Content Idea (Taming) (Feature)
  35. Taming and Breeding (Feature)
  36. GOLDRUSH...the later addon features (Feature)
  37. Necromancer..a secret char (Feature)
  38. Allow Gutting of Revs for a source of human bones/skin (Feature)
  39. Trade Totem Delivery Fee (Feature)
  40. map window (Feature)
  41. console command like /who to see how many players are online (Feature)
  42. TERRITORYFIGHT "ARMY of the DEAD" PVP and PVE Server (Feature)
  43. Options for dynamic tribe layout (Feature)
  44. Graphics Overhaul (Feature)
  45. Global inventory management (Feature)
  46. Building Rentals (Feature)
  47. Options for increasing solo tribe size (Feature)
  48. Implement The Second Campfire with Storage (Feature)
  49. Steam Achievements trading cards and cookies (Feature)
  50. More plants including decretive ones and related food items (Feature)
  51. Flight and Boats (Feature)
  52. Add additional fuel resources (Feature)
  53. New BPS (Feature)
  54. Quest Totems - Global quests (Feature)
  55. Wells (Feature)
  56. Loot Chests/Bins (Feature)
  57. Wood Sheds to keep fires lit (Feature)
  58. Extended Limestone Architecture options (Feature)
  59. Skill learning system revamp please! (Feature)
  60. Magic 3 (Feature)
  61. New features on hold for polish on UI? (Feature)
  62. Plantable Grass on Tribe Land (Feature)
  63. Save Password on Launcher Option (Feature)
  64. Supplying tribe fires with firewood (Feature)
  65. Gathering Actions (Feature)
  66. New Text Channel for Discord for game video's and pictures. (Feature)
  67. Option to Make a Party/Group (Feature)
  68. Craft Max Button (Feature)
  69. System Message Totem Sales (Feature)
  70. Architecture (Feature)
  71. Tribe bonus and animals (Feature)
  72. Ghost Building Speed (Feature)
  73. Ghost image (Feature)
  74. Remount for actions that we can't do while mounted. (Feature)
  75. New Tribal Land Area (Feature)
  76. Trade Totem Info on Items (Feature)
  77. Medical Healing Bandages/Skill (Feature)
  78. Plant fertilizer (Feature)
  79. Make it possible for any player to have ALL blueprints/schemes/patterns they need to learn. (Feature)
  80. Abbreviate Number pad actions (Feature)
  81. Owner tags for Pets (Feature)
  82. Magical Effects and Powers (Feature)
  83. Co leader can move tribe carts around instead of only tribe leader (Feature)
  84. building (Feature)
  85. building (Feature)
  86. Move items between inventories by pressing LMB + while holding Alt/Ctrl/OtherKey (Feature)
  87. Totem placement suggestion (Feature)
  88. Doorway (Feature)
  89. Setting pets home (Feature)
  90. Lighting (Feature)
  91. Iincrease the number of guts from Innards (Feature)
  92. Horses (Feature)
  93. map making (Feature)
  94. Remove Uses on knife when lighting fires. (Feature)
  95. Make Low end Items again great! (Feature)
  96. Better tools make for better gathering (Feature)
  97. Know which members of tribe are online (Feature)
  98. UI Settings (Feature)
  99. Wells and Springs (Feature)
  100. Tribes beyond the mist (Feature)
  101. Put hp number in creature hp bar (Feature)
  102. Wood upkeep (Feature)
  103. Left Hand not needing to be empty to do things (Feature)
  104. No totem drops on abandoned tribe areas for 30 days (Feature)
  105. Devices for Gathering/Crafting (Feature)
  106. prevent totem dropping on owned carts (Feature)
  107. Sprint Toggle (Feature)
  108. Quality of life update for Quests (Feature)
  109. Skill titles (Feature)
  110. Toolbelt Feature (Feature)
  111. Idea use for Dexterity (Feature)
  112. Tool QL Making a Difference. (Feature)
  113. Pay Shop (Not P2W) (Feature)
  114. Parry + block changes (Feature)
  115. Wall support (Feature)
  116. War Camps (Feature)
  117. Base posts don't support beams (Feature)
  118. NPC's (Feature)
  119. item and crafting weight balances (Feature)
  120. Show hp number and stamina percent without having to hover overtop (Feature)
  121. post updates on forum (Feature)
  123. Change parry primary and seccondary stat (Feature)
  124. Equipment sets or weapon swap (Feature)
  125. Turn PvP into a f2p server (Feature)
  126. More fire options (Feature)
  127. Fix hunting animation on water (Feature)
  128. Quality of life update (Feature)
  129. Scalping on PvP (Feature)
  130. Restore aggro of animals on PvP (Feature)
  131. Dissect all for leather hide scraps (Feature)
  132. Free to play or limited time trial (Feature)
  133. Signs (Feature)
  134. Overhaul the current Rights and Permission System (Feature)
  135. Purchasing (Feature)
  136. Trade Center (Feature)
  137. Logout cancel button (Feature)
  138. Screen glimmering when a character goes into a critical state of hungry or thirsty (Feature)
  139. Add a logout button that returns you to the character selection screen. (Feature)
  140. LMB double click on the object cosses default action. (Feature)
  141. Esc closes current active window (Feature)
  142. Storing dirt (Feature)
  143. Be able to find bones while scavenging in a forest. (Feature)
  144. Logout to server selection screen. (Feature)
  145. Teas and Juices (Feature)
  146. Basic Quality of Life improvements (Feature)
  147. Snowmen, Snowwomen, Snowchild. (Feature)
  148. Rename your own Tribe (Feature)
  149. Gathering Until Full/Stop (Feature)
  150. Changes to combat weapon types (Feature)
  151. Close cart option on right click (Feature)
  152. Skill balance. (Feature)
  153. Heavy Armor Variants (Feature)
  154. Making use of shortkeys?! (Feature)
  155. CONQUER ...War totems ...War Map (Feature)
  156. Tribe Quest Item Ownership (Feature)
  157. Tribe Banners and Buildings? (Feature)
  158. CITLIFE ITEMS LIST NEEDED! Please help Xsyon Team (Feature)
  159. Leather and Bone name colors (Feature)
  160. inventory panels / npcs (Feature)
  161. Metal Working and Recycling (Feature)
  162. Leather Pouches and More Packs (Feature)
  163. Maps (Feature)
  164. Resource Bar (Feature)
  165. Longer Word/Character Limit for Player Names (Without the need of _underscores_) (Feature)
  166. Player Servers? (Feature)
  167. game lighting (Feature)
  168. Tribe Coordinates (Feature)
  169. Try 2 (Feature)
  170. More Developers (Feature)
  171. Peace server (unrestricted). (Feature)
  172. Furniture? (Feature)
  173. New server idea for the experienced. Called Lost (Feature)
  174. Increase Small animal spawn rate (Feature)
  175. Tool/Weapon/Armor Repair (Feature)
  176. Naming Weapons and Armor (Feature)
  177. Maaaaaaaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic 2 (Feature)
  178. Fruit Trees (Feature)
  179. Trade Poles (Feature)
  180. Feels Like a Scrappers Christmas (Feature)
  181. Armor defense value idea (Feature)
  182. Tying Carts together (Feature)
  183. Link items in chat (Feature)
  184. Eliminating Camera Snap After Actions (Feature)
  185. Increase / Decrease UI size & Chat size (Feature)
  186. Skill Buff (Feature)
  187. Tribe Totems Please give more info to find the trade totem! (Feature)
  188. Trade Totem: additional info should be displayed longer (Feature)
  189. Identifiying Male and Female only Armor sets (Feature)
  190. Wish: Quest Totem should display quests from other tribes, too (Feature)
  191. Barrels (Feature)
  192. Sorting Recipes / Schematics by skill level (Feature)
  193. Multiple characters on account (Feature)
  194. Spooky time (Feature)
  195. Maaaaaagiiiiiiic (Feature)
  196. quick drop items (Feature)
  197. EXP Gain Displayed in System Tab (Feature)
  198. War server conquest update (Feature)
  199. Basket Notes or Longer Names? (Feature)
  200. /ignorelist command (Feature)
  201. Custom wood signs (Feature)
  202. Moving Enter Xsyon Button (Feature)
  203. Action Bar (Feature)
  204. Quick Little Proposition (Feature)
  205. Making Cash (Feature)
  206. Tribe Leader (Feature)
  207. add helpers (Feature)
  208. Trade Totems (Feature)
  209. Scavenge Bones (Feature)
  210. Resizing (Feature)
  211. Cartographer (Feature)
  212. a secondary fire (Feature)
  213. Low Tech schemes (Feature)
  214. Architecture Dependency Issues (Feature)
  215. Server Disconection Warning Message (Feature)
  216. New Server (Feature)
  217. Training Dummies (Feature)
  218. character slots (Feature)
  219. Disable Rain (Feature)
  220. Separation of Tribe and Settlement (Feature)
  221. Steam game description needs to be changed in my opion (Feature)
  222. UI Scaling and Auto-Fill (Feature)
  223. soulmate system simialr to family (Feature)
  224. Right Clk options (Feature)
  225. Tribal Land Permissions (Feature)
  227. calendar and events (ISLAND) or sectioned land instanced (Feature)
  228. Graphic Setting custom height and widith (Feature)
  229. Ghost structure timer (Feature)
  230. UI is too small (Feature)
  231. More Herbs and Seasoning Uses (Feature)
  232. Cooking (Feature)
  233. Angry Newb (Feature)
  234. Tribe History (Feature)
  235. Smelting House (Feature)
  236. Bigger starting back or add a tool belt (Feature)
  237. sorting of crafting by skill level (Feature)
  238. Why i would craft low TOOLS/WEAPON/ARMOR and so on? (Feature)
  239. Capture a TERRITORY POINT...needs different resources in a week to hold it (Feature)
  240. Farming Toolbar Improvements (Feature)
  241. 8x4 cantilever (Feature)
  242. Ascetic Shop (Feature)
  243. Firecraft (Feature)
  244. Destroy - Gather (Feature)
  245. Animal pens in camps (Feature)
  246. Lag Fixes and Creatures (Feature)
  247. Tribe Land (Feature)
  248. PVE = Carebears (Feature)
  249. Blueprints (Feature)
  250. Silence (Feature)