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  1. MrDDT's Avatar
    Nice work on the stations. I like them.
  2. millsdo's Avatar
    If you have been keeping up over the last 2 months, you would know this was how it was announced, developed, and supposed to be implemented. It was a simple mistake. We've discussed all the pros and cons already.
  3. atmospharos's Avatar
    what? do you mean by large tribes a tribe of 100 players with only 1 active.
    We are a tribe of 2 active players but we have no right to trade toten q ... it is not fair just to have many inactive players that counts when it comes to having toten
  4. Tefached's Avatar
    Got a bug report for you:

    If you dismantle a structure that has been assigned the use of a trade post, without unassigning the use. It will dismantle the structure and get rid of the trade post, however... it will NOT free up your trade post count, you will recieve a message saying you still have one.

    Not sure why a check wasn't put in place to prevent dismantling an assigned structure, or if there was one, it wasn't working properly. I'm just reporting the bug.
  5. Kyosa's Avatar
    Thanks :-)
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