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  1. wastelandstoic's Avatar
    Great news! Gratz to XsyonMaster and all the folks who help to make this a great game.
  2. newedition04's Avatar
    i will be back in a week i miss this game and my tribe.
  3. RosenBlod's Avatar
    When I started, there were trial server with weekly resets. Being a "sandbox of a sandbox", I enjoyed that experience, which gave me the bloodlust needed to sub. I since learned that before then, there were no trial, and the game was for subscription only. Something must have worked to bring the game up and running, even if it didn't cater to free players.
  4. Nephilum's Avatar
    Happy to see the game go back to sub. Agree with Millsdo, Excellent Decision! Now its time to clean up the neighborhood. :)
  5. newedition04's Avatar
    you know i will come back for my tribe but thats about it as of right now.
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