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  1. Kyosa's Avatar
    Thanks :-)
  2. Kyosa's Avatar
    Amazing patch, thanks a lot :-)
    I love the second decimal place in the skills window :-)
  3. millsdo's Avatar
    I like the ideas. Hey, if you don't want to spawn close to where you died for a fee just spawn at your tribe for big deal.
  4. Tefached's Avatar
    A little late to the party when it comes to making a comment here, but most of the new building structures sound like a great idea... as long as they don't get abused.

    A welcome center would be an extremely helpful addition to any of the larger tribes that take in a lot of new players seeking to learn the game.

    Toll gates? Eh... I could take it or leave it. (Disclaimer: The Valorinak Republic will NOT be using these to charge entrance into our tribe. However, one time gate uses into say... a stash of resources we have set up? Possibly.)

    I am quite excited about these "infirmaries" and would like to make a suggestion as an "optional" payment method. A tribe like ours ( The VR ) wouldn't want to charge players to be able to respawn there, we hold various hunting "parties" and wouldn't at all mind picking up the tab should one of the party die. However, I wouldn't like the coffers drained by any would be troll deciding that picking on a squirrel next to us is a "good idea". Thus the ability to option it, allies spawn fee can be paid by the tribe coffers...? Maybe.

    Being a hunter, and hosting the hunting parties... I am very excited that there is a tweak in the works to the animals. To put it bluntly, there is nothing "worth" hunting for me... at least yet. So if nothing else, at least I am hopeful.
  5. Bejaymac's Avatar
    One minute your talking about trying to bring people together, next your coming up with ideas that will drive them apart.

    Infirmaries, in a five zone radius of my place I think the VR is probably the only "active" tribe that would have one, normally that would be an even bigger trek back to where I died than respawning at my totem.

    Toll gates, those WILL get abused and drive players apart and even out of the game. How ? set up an Infirmary and charge people to respawn there, then make all gates out of the tribe toll gates and then charge them to get off of the tribe land.

    Players will either just not use these new features or actively avoid going near any tribe that does use them.
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