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  1. gosiukas's Avatar
    Hi. Everything sounds great but i just was wondering about one thing:
    "Infirmaries will allow for players to revive after death at nearby tribes instead of their home location. Tribes running infirmaries will be able to set a fee for this service."
    If you die from players hand you might be looted and you probably won't have any dollars left to pay a fee. Would it be possible that fee could be taken from any of your baskets back at tribe as long as you have dollars there. If its too much work to do this way maybe you could make special pouch/basket/bank for dollars.
  2. Ladyxsyon's Avatar
    I know you keep very busy, but was wondering when you thought the second build will be released, will it be before pet taming or after? thanks for all you do for us and the game, its amazing :)
  3. RosenBlod's Avatar
    I've always found official Xsyon events to poorly accomodate us europeans.
  4. Pwnuts's Avatar
    not working for me eighter.
  5. alexpono's Avatar
    thanx Xsyon . i got your email :)
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