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    I wanted to share photos of a few of the new female armor sets that my Serenity Reborn Tribemates created. There may be a piece or two missing from some of the sets, but these should give players an idea of the great new armors from the latest patch.

    Thanks for the new duds, Casimyr, Gizzy and Chuggs. <3 you guys!

    Links to 5 of the new leather sets:
    Dahteste -
    Oakley -
    Semuk -
    Sawtak -
    Thorny Rose -

    Shots are not as good as The Xsyon Fashion Guide - but how can it be without GuideLailah and GuideMichael as models? ;)

    Will link other leather and tailoring sets as we make them.
    Take care out there, Survivors.
    Updated 09-16-2013 at 10:26 PM by Iocyn
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    1130pm GMT? PST? EST?
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    I have voted for this to go Green on Steam and added to my favorites. I also am spreading the word to friends in real life and in other gaming communities.

    On a side note, KeithStone long time buddy you were part of the old Apache yes?
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    This is great news for Xsyon! When you say for the coming month are you talking about February?

    They should have made a section for best sandbox mmo, Xsyon would have been number 1!
  5. KeithStone's Avatar
    Xsyon is a great sandbox mmorpg, I would love to see this game make it on Steam Greenlight. If you haven't voted yet please go vote, more players means more development funds!
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