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    It's absolutely heart-warming and motivating to see this game that I played so long ago (Feb 2011) still getting updates all this time.

    I applaud your dedication and I plan to boot up the game I haven't played since community college as soon as I get home from work today and start fresh from scratch.

    Thank you for everything that you do.
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    Do we have an ETA when Taming will be released? I'm in great need of a game with good taming mechanics. There seems to be a lack of games with the mechanic. Taming will definitely bring me back to the game. Also I can't find a place in the forums for current features being tested, has that moved or been removed?
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    Over the Holidays I told several friends about the Xsyon sale. They were all going to join but didn't act fast enough. Is there any possibility you might extend that sale? I would love to have a few more players in game :)

    PS I'm returning after playing in 2011. I love that you have stayed around and think the improvements have came a long way since I last played. Really hoping I can play this game off and on for the duration. Thanks for creating this world :)
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    I didn't know where else to post this so my apologies. Has UI issued been fixed yet? I still can't play Xsyon on my laptop. The higher the resolution the smaller and smaller UI gets. I have tried windowed, border-less and full screen. I have changed resolutions on my laptop to match game resolution. I have changed scaling of text, fonts and apps. Nothing is working. This is very frustrating. Full screen mouse doesn't work and game freezes. Font is so small I cant see it. Any suggestions?
    Again here is info on my laptop I'm using:
    Inspiron 7000 series with the following specs: Intel Core I7-6700HQ, 16GB of RAM, 1 TB HHD and 250GB SSD, A dual graphics Intel HD, and NVidia GTX 960M(4GB).
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