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  1. Wyry's Avatar
    Thank you very much that you took the time to let us know. Don't worry about the game, Jordi. Real life has priority, and saving your life and the life of your family has even more priority. I keep my fingers crossed for you that everything ends well for you.
  2. Bejaymac's Avatar
    Forget about any updates Jordi, just get you and your family some place safe.
  3. DjangoSilard's Avatar
    Best of luck. Hope that you, your family, friends, neighbours and yours properties will stay safe from fire.
  4. CrazyPaul's Avatar
    Improved gathering is very-very-... cool. But the base resources in Scavenging & Foraging mode are very disturbing and shift all the diversity of loot. This is strongly manifested in the landfill.
    And the selected mode does not work when re-logging in until I switch it.
    Sorry for my english. It is Yandex help me with this.
  5. xyberviri's Avatar
    sweet googly moogly this is awesome
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