1. Developer Update 2020.07.15

    I've patched the first Pets update!

    I will wait until tomorrow or after to post a bigger announcement about this patch. I want to make sure everything was patched smoothly first.

    I will also post some updated feedback threads later tonight.

    This is the first Pets patch and there will be improvements to the system in the upcoming weeks, including different stables models, sizes and additional functions.

    Developer Updates
  2. Steam Summer Sale - 67% Off!

    The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG Xsyon is on sale for 67% off through July 9th!

    The first patch with Pets and Stables (to hold multiple Pets) will be released during this sale period.

    Come join us, invite your friends or grow your tribe!
  3. Developer Update 2020.06.25

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Xsyon is participating in Steam's big Summer Sale and will be selling for under $10 from today through July 9th!

    The first patch with Pets will be released during this sale period.

    I have a few tasks to wrap up and will be posting in the Developer Zone once these tasks are done.

    Developer Updates
  4. Patch Notes 2020.06.02

    Minor Fixes Patch

    - Fixed farming menu actions. A data file needed to be patched.
    - Fixed name display on other players.
    - Add a check in a function that crashed today.
    - Revised settings on an update function to run a bit smoother.
    Patch Notes
  5. Developer Update 2020.06.02

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    I've patched a minor update to fix a few reported issues. This is normal for a big public patch as we don't always catch everything during the public test sessions.

    So far, the found problems with this build have been minor and easy to solve. There are a few issues left for me to fix and those will be addressed in another patch.

    I've posted Patch Notes for this minor patch as well.

    For those posting in the Bugs and Suggestions ...
    Developer Updates
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