Patch Notes

  1. Patch Notes 2020.07.23

    - Pets can be tamed based on the playerís skill, stats and the attitude of the creature.
    - Pets become more difficult to tame as they age and increase in power.
    - Creatures in the wild can be fed to increase their attitude toward the player.
    - Available foods are gathered to a feeding panel so that players donít have to sort through packs.
    - Creatures have different reactions towards foods they love, like and dislike.
    - Pets can be named.
    - Players ...
    Patch Notes
  2. Patch Notes 2020.06.02

    Minor Fixes Patch

    - Fixed farming menu actions. A data file needed to be patched.
    - Fixed name display on other players.
    - Add a check in a function that crashed today.
    - Revised settings on an update function to run a bit smoother.
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  3. Patch Notes 2020.06.01

    Creature AI

    - Creatures age and power reset for a more even distribution.
    - Creature reactions to players and player actions redone.
    - Creature damage, life and stats rebalanced.
    - Creature display name reflects sex, age and combat power of creature.
    - Creature health restoration revised (currently not affected by creature hunger or thirst).
    - Easier hunting of small creatures.
    - Slopes affect creature movement.
    - Creatures increase in power ...
    Patch Notes
  4. Patch Notes 04.09.2018

    Server update

    - Data backup system improved for faster maintenance.
    - Database set up for upcoming features.
    - Server log system revised and cleaned up.
    - Server side information systems added to help with future system balancing.
    - Creature migration set up for weekly migrations.
    Patch Notes
  5. Patch Notes 03.13.2018

    Minor optimization patch

    - Crash issues resolved.
    - Connection errors resolved.
    - Error reporting system improved.
    - Code upgraded for Windows 10 issues.
    - Creature migration system run.
    Patch Notes
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