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  1. Patch Notes 07.27.2015

    Minor Improvement Patch

    - Optimized creature update loop in preparation for upcoming changes to creature AI.

    - Placement refresh function optimized to reduce delays when placing and moving building parts.
    - Inconsistencies with building movement corrected. Occasional situation where a part turns invalid (red) during the final build (and must be moved back and forth) corrected.
    - Zone boundary issues corrected. Projects spanning ...

    Updated 07-27-2015 at 01:06 AM by XsyonMaster

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  2. Patch Notes 07.17.2015

    Minor Improvement Patch

    Terrain Reversion
    - Object movement during terrain reversion revised.
    - Log and bundle stacks should remain stacked during terrain reversion.
    - Objects on the ground should move better with the ground and not float or sink.

    - Crafting optimized to prevent reset issues.
    - Roof parts can no longer be set as commissaries.
    - Roof parts adjusted for consistent initial placement and sign locations.

    Updated 07-17-2015 at 10:58 AM by Xsyon

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  3. Patch Notes 07.10.2015

    Infirmary Patch

    - Time stamp added to chat messages.
    - Building ‘roof’ parts can be assigned building uses.
    - Removed all default start locations except for Founders Island. New players will primarily start at tribe centers with Welcome Stations (next patch).
    - Previous default start locations will now be build-able areas.

    Trading Post
    - Trading Post items clear after 4 real days (36 game days) of not being sold.
    - Global ...
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  4. Patch Notes 05.25.2015

    Minor Post Trade Patch Update

    (edited 05.26.2015)

    - Trading Post current items are kept when moving a Trading Post to another building or switching between uses.
    - Cart blueprints added to the Trading Post selection.
    - Items for sale on in transit Trade Totems (that have been removed but not placed again) do not show up in the Global Sales tab.
    - Trading Posts without a selected tribe display a message to select a tribe in the title ...

    Updated 05-26-2015 at 11:00 PM by XsyonMaster

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  5. Patch Notes 05.22.2015

    Trade Systems Update

    Building Use: Trading Post
    - Allows for ‘trade with tribes from beyond the mist’
    - Tribes can set a building to be used as a Trading Post.
    - Players can select a specific Mist Tribe to trade with.
    - Trading Posts are populated with schemes from Mist Traders each game day.
    - The selected tribe determines what types of schemes are sold.
    - Unsold items are removed after 1 real week.
    - Trading Posts hold a maximum of 20 schemes ...
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