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  1. Whorlok's Avatar
    Nice...waiting then for the Warsystem then we have a good goal for War.
    Nice would be then at least a Rifle with the same ranged things as Bows
  2. Diomedes's Avatar
    Can't wait :)
  3. DjangoSilard's Avatar
    Welcome back, boss! Glad to hear that everything is ok with your family and home.
  4. Wyry's Avatar
    Welcome back! I am happy that you are well and healthy and still have your home.

    And of course, as a player, I am looking forward to the new regions :D :D But take your time, making your home a home again has priority.
  5. Diomedes's Avatar
    Best of Luck Jordi! Safe wishes for you and your family!

    Updates can wait, be safe!!
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