1. Ranged Combat Is Live!

    Bows and arrows are now live!

    In celebration, Xsyon will be on sale through Monday, May 31st.

    This long awaited feature completes Xsyon's major planned features required for removing Early Access on Steam. However, I will be patching some interface and gathering action revisions before finally removing Early Access.

    These upcoming changes will include revised crafting and construction panels along with streamlining the interface further in general and providing ...

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  2. Patch Notes 2021.05.27

    Ranged Combat Patch!

    - Bows and arrows functional.
    - Crafting bows and arrows.
    - Ranged and bow skills added.
    - Combat upwards angle limit increased.
    - Revised collision functions.
    - Options to show ping and display creature hp save to file.
    - Player is offset from center by default but can be centered in an option setting.
    - Revised tutorial.
    - Ongoing optimizations both Server and Client side.

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    Patch Notes