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  1. Diomedes's Avatar
    Can't wait :)
  2. DjangoSilard's Avatar
    Welcome back, boss! Glad to hear that everything is ok with your family and home.
  3. Wyry's Avatar
    Welcome back! I am happy that you are well and healthy and still have your home.

    And of course, as a player, I am looking forward to the new regions :D :D But take your time, making your home a home again has priority.
  4. Diomedes's Avatar
    Best of Luck Jordi! Safe wishes for you and your family!

    Updates can wait, be safe!!
  5. Wyry's Avatar
    Thank you very much that you took the time to let us know. Don't worry about the game, Jordi. Real life has priority, and saving your life and the life of your family has even more priority. I keep my fingers crossed for you that everything ends well for you.
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