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  1. znaiika's Avatar
    Sounds good to me, well done.
  2. meatisfeetis's Avatar
    when will this patch be coming in this post it seemed like it was already out so just wonder when it willl be coming would like to get back into the game and is the next thing you are working on ranged that would be awsome cuz there is alot of people that are not playing this game cuz of that and other things

    thx keep up the good work!!
  3. Diomedes's Avatar
    Thank you for your outstanding dedication to this Community!
  4. MrDDT's Avatar
    Thanks for the update excited to see the big changes.
  5. thebarbarian09's Avatar
    It's absolutely heart-warming and motivating to see this game that I played so long ago (Feb 2011) still getting updates all this time.

    I applaud your dedication and I plan to boot up the game I haven't played since community college as soon as I get home from work today and start fresh from scratch.

    Thank you for everything that you do.
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