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  1. Patch Notes 10.15.2017

    Optimization / Stability / Upgrade Patch

    - Issue with tribe expansion potentially causing overlap fixed.
    - Improved crash and error log reporting and collection.
    - Further critical section revisions and code clean-up.
    - Continued function optimizations.
    - Several causes of client crashes eliminated.
    - Rare cause of server crashing in creature AI functions fixed.
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  2. Patch Notes 09.24.2017

    Optimization / Stability / Upgrade Patch

    - Further optimizations and changes towards upgrading DirectX features.
    - Further array optimizations.
    - Further critical section revisions and code clean-up.
    - Build uses updated Microsoft libraries.
    - Server logs streamlined and improved.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Problems caused by 0 stat values fixed.
    - Additional error checking and function safety to prevent crashes.
    - Additional ...
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  3. Patch Notes 08.04.2017

    Optimization / Upgrade Patch

    - Windowed modes should properly adjust for Windows 10 machines and high resolution displays.
    - DPI scaling automatically adjusted for.
    - Windows libraries upgraded
    - Steps taken towards upgrading DirectX. These are in progress.
    - General optimizations and code cleanup for both the Client and Server.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Bugs with splitting stacks in the middle of actions such as eating fixed.
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  4. Patch Notes 05.10.2017 Login Upgrade

    The website and game login system has been updated. Please take note of the following changes:

    - Passwords can now range from 8 to 16 characters
    - Players can use the same email address for multiple accounts.
    - Players must use valid email addresses for new accounts.

    If you have any issues resetting your password, please contact us
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  5. Patch Notes 05.10.2017

    Major optimization and preparation patch!

    Server and client side arrays updated to use more optimal storage systems.
    Server and client side text functions optimized.
    Server side logging extensively improved.

    Major changes
    - Borderless windowed mode added.
    - Regular windowed modes adjusted.
    - Windows 10 compatibility issues improved.

    Minor changes
    - Trade, Craft and Quest inputs now allow for several punctuation marks. ...
    Patch Notes
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