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  1. Coming Up: Conquest, Construction Snap, Graphics & Events!

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Here's a summary of what's going on with Xsyon over the next few months.

    War Server Conquest System
    I've resolved glitches with the Conquest System that were reported and that I found on my own over the past month. Several requested features have also been implemented. The latest iteration of the system is currently on the Test Server. While I feel the system is working well enough for public release I will be waiting until October to make it ...

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  2. Developer Update 2022.08.30

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Here's today's update on what's in testing and what's currently in the works for the next few months.

    The Test Server is running my latest update to the War Server's Conquest System. I think I've resolved all reported issues and other issues I discovered testing on my own over the past month. I've also added several requested improvements. With a little more testing, I think this Conquest System is finally ready to go!

    Although I believe ...
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  3. Combat events this weekend. Get ready to rumble!!!

    One of our Guides will be running combat events on both servers this coming Saturday.
    Letís get ready to rumble!

    War Server: 12 Noon PST August 6th, 2022
    Peace Server: 2PM PST August 6th, 2022

    15 minutes prior to the event, whisper GuideRaguel for a port or ask in global chat.

    Two citizens enter, only one leaves alive. With the conquest update coming up, it is time to fight. Spar with your fellow survivors to see who has ...
  4. Developer Update 2022.07.19

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    I'd like to update everyone on what is currently in the works.

    My primary focus right now is to finish updating the game engine DirectX graphics. I started this task many months ago and kept interrupting it to work on other improvements such as the terrain expansion, War system and interface and interaction revisions.

    For now I am spending most of my time working on this graphics update. It's a massive task as the more current versions ...
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  5. Patch Notes 2022.05.25

    Terrain Expansion Patch

    - Terrain expanded to 7 times the original map.
    -- Easy danger regional hubs are distributed around the map so that players of all levels can inhabit the expanded terrain.
    -- The southernmost area of the full Xsyon terrain is still being finalized. The north and middle sections of the map extend to a mist filled ocean that surrounds the Xsyon island.
    -- The full Xsyon terrain comprises 1600 1024x1024 meter zones, including zones in the surrounding ...
    Patch Notes
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