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  1. Farming Ready For Testing!

    Farming is ready for testing on the Test Server! Please read the details and provide feedback here It's taken a while as I had to revamp the system we tested earlier this year, but I'm very happy with the results so far.
    Next up is Cooking. Farming and Cooking will be released simultaneously in one big patch.

    In addition the latest Questions for the Developers answer session has been posted here
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  2. Developer Update: 09/23/2013

    The latest round of Questions for the Developers has been answered here

    Next up on the Test Sever we will be testing Farming and Terrain Reversion. Farming will be released in conjunction with Cooking.

    Terrain Reversion will be the slow reversion to base terrain on public land. There will be a buffer around tribes and land with buildings will not revert until the buildings are removed.

    I will post a feedback thread when I'm ready for public testing.
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  3. Long Awaited Female Armor Sets Are Here!

    Players have been waiting a long time for female armor sets that were in the works but not quite ready for release. Today we've finally released these sets, a total of 18 new cloth and leather armor sets.

    Get crafting, scavenging, collecting and showing off your new fashions!

    Other notable improvements are further revisions to resource materials distribution and the ability for carts to travel on any slope players can travel on.

    Full patch notes are here: Patch ...
  4. Patch Notes 09.10.2013

    Female Armor Patch
    Long awaited cloth and leather female armor sets are here! New sets can be gained through crafting or scavenging for patterns.

    7 new cloth and 11 new leather female armor sets have been added.

    Resources further revised, increasing the chance of rare and epic materials found.
    Resource system code cleaned up and optimized.

    Carts can travel on any slopes players can travel on.
    Carts abandoned when ...
    Patch Notes
  5. No Maintenance Monday, Patch Tuesday

    There will be no maintenance Monday morning. The server will be down at 1:00 AM PST Tuesday for the next patch!
    Developer Updates
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