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  1. Developer Update 2021.08.30

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    This is just a quick note to let you all know that the next round of testing new features and improvements will be coming after a few weeks.

    Currently my town is under evacuation warning due to the Caldor Fire in California and it's going to be a chaotic situation for at least a week or two. (I already started packing things a few days ago in anticipation of this).

    Thank you all for your patience!
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  2. Hall Of Heroes & Legends And More Now Live!

    The Hall of Heroes & Legends feature is live!

    With this new feature you can see how you stack up against players in your neighborhood or the entire Xsyon world. Leader boards in the Halls rank players by stats, skills, experience, most kills, wealth and other values.

    In addition, this patch continues to enhance the game by further improving resource gathering to make things easier and less cumbersome for new and old players alike.

    I will continue to improve ...
  3. Patch Notes 2021.08.09

    Hall of Heroes & Hall of Legends Patch

    - Hall of Heroes & Hall of Legends
    -- Two new building uses are available (for tents, teepees, etc. like other building uses), the Hall of Heroes and Hall of Legends.
    -- The Hall of Heroes displays the top 22 players in 16 different categories whose tribe is within 1000 meters of the current tribe.
    -- The Hall of Legends displays the top 22 players in 16 different categories in the entire world of Xsyon.
    -- Hero ...
    Patch Notes
  4. Developer Update 2021.08.03

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Some upcoming features and improvements are currently running on the Test Server!

    The Hall of Heroes and Legends feature allows players to set up buildings in their tribe to display leader boards of the top most experienced players in their nearby neighborhood or the entire Xsyon world. See where you stand amongst your tribe mates, neighbors and fellow Xsyon citizens!

    Further improvements to resource gathering and crafting address requests ...
    Developer Updates
  5. Workshop, Crafting, Scavenging and Foraging Update Now Live!

    Continuing with improvements meant to simplify game systems and make them more appealing and engaging, Xsyon's latest patch is live!

    This patch features the Workshop building use. Buildings assigned as Workshops serve as crafting stations. When standing within the bounds of a Workshop, all tools and materials in that building are automatically available in the crafting panel. No more need to sort through baskets of items to fill recipes.

    Scavenging and Foraging have also ...
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