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  1. Patch Notes 02.21.2014

    Character Creation Patch

    Notable Improvements
    - Improved character creation panels, featuring information on stats and skills and a location map.
    - Additional options for reporting bugs and issues from the help button.

    Server Improvements
    - Extensive logging to detect causes of lag and server lock ups. This logging system will be disabled once problems are found and fixed.

    Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
    - Quality of knife used in hunting ...
    Patch Notes
  2. Developer Update 02.17.2014

    The Test Server is currently open with a new character creation system. The system is now a series of tabs and contains more information regarding your character's appearance, stats and skills.

    If you have any feedback on this system please join in the feedback thread here
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  3. Developer Update 02.07.2014

    Xsyon has been updated with a minor patch today.

    This patch simply adds additional error checking and information logging so I won't post patch notes for this minor update.
    Developer Updates
  4. Xsyon's First Patch For 2014 Released!

    The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox game Xsyon has released its first patch of 2014. This patch focuses on optimizations, minor changes and bug fixes in preparation for expansion to multiple servers and a future launch on Steam.

    Although no new major features come with this patch, it is full of much needed improvements. Full patch notes are here
  5. Developer Update 02.03.2014

    With today's update I'd like to mention a few things and outline our plans for the next few weeks.

    First, one of the most noticeable changes with today's update is the switch to a single currency system with dollar bills as the currency. Unused currencies have been converted to dollars. This increases the amount of a single currency and keeping this in mind, upkeep prices will be increased after we gather additional data.

    This patch focused on bug fixes and optimizations ...

    Updated 02-04-2014 at 12:51 AM by XsyonMaster

    Developer Updates
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