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  1. Patch Notes 04.19.2013 - Massive Trade and Quest Totems Update!

    Trade and Quest Totems!

    • ​​Can be placed on allied land.
    • Tribes can place one trade and one quest totem on their home tribe land.
    • Tribes can place additional trade and quest totems on allied land as follows:

    Homesteads - 1 additional trade and 1 additional quest totem.
    Bands - 2 additional trade and 2 additional quest totems.
    Clans - 3 additional trade and 3 additional quest totems.
    Tribes - 4 additional trade and 4 additional quest totems.

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  2. Patch Notes 12.07.2012

    Characters can now only gain schemes at or below their current skill level through inspiration.
    Players with active paid time can use schemes 10 points above their current skill level.
    Players without an active paid time are limited to using schemes at or below 30 skill level.
    Skill level for schemes shown on selected schemes in the craft panel.

    Bug Fixes
    Faulty surfaces removed from the database.
    Patch Notes
  3. Patch Notes 12.03.2012 - Xsyon Now Free to Play!

    Main Server is enabled for Free Play with limitations.

    Bug Fixes
    Intermittent crash caused when un-equipping a cart fixed.Exploit to destroy rocks outside tribe land blocked.
    Players logging in at the same time correctly update social status for each other.
    Unaccepting during trade no longer causes trades to fail.
    Typo in rank panel fixed.
    Tribe rank permissions for destroying rocks corrected.
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  4. Patch Notes 11.20.2012

    Bug Fixes
    Client freeze when unlearning recipes fixed.
    Female Helm of Sorrow model corrected.
    Problem with dismantle placing materials in incorrect slots when some materials are fully destroyed fixed.
    Selecting 'no' in the abandon tribe dialog works correctly.
    Players can now take bins in buildings left on public land.
    Players can no longer swap non empty containers to packs from a building or cart.
    Crashes caused by extinguishing fires fixed.
    Tribal ...
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  5. Patch Notes 09.17.2012

    Creatures migrate from crowded regions to underpopulated regions.
    Creatures take longer to reach maximum age.
    Creature breeding adjusted (more children will be appearing during the current Spring season).
    Creature regeneration rates adjusted.
    Power of revenant armor increased.

    Tree natural spawn distance increased.
    Bug fixes with newly spawned trees not blocking creatures or other tree spawns.
    Tree data gathering functions ...
    Patch Notes
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