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  1. Resource Balancing On The Test Server

    The Test Server is now open for testing adjustments to resources. Rare and epic materials (metal, cloth and plastic) should be much easier to find now. If you would like to join us on the Test Server, please do so and provide feedback in our Feedback Thread.
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  2. Resource Patch Feedback

    With today's release of the Resource Patch, I am looking for continued feedback on the distribution of materials. The distribution of items and materials seems definitely improved in my opinion, but will continue an ongoing project for the next few weeks as more data and feedback in gathered.

    Please join in the Feedback Thread if you wish to help us improve the system and distribution!
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  3. Resource Patch Released!

    Scavengers, get ready! Today Xsyon unveils an updated resource distribution system, encouraging travel, trade and cooperation among the crafters and merchants of the Xsyon sandbox.

    The new resource system features:
    Localized scavenged materials and found crafting patterns.
    Increased frequency of rare materials in high danger regions.
    New crafting materials to be found.
    Crafting bonuses to all material components.
    Revised material weights, improving carrying ...
  4. Patch Notes 08.27.2013

    Resources Patch I
    Scavenged resources redistributed and improved. With new developer tools and an improved system, resource distribution can be managed easily and improved upon over time.

    Regional distribution of scavenged and sorted resources.
    Increased chance of rare resources in high danger areas.
    Scavenging skill increases chance to find rare resources.
    Weights of items revised and balanced.
    Armor bonuses added to feathers.
    Armor ...
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  5. Maintenance and Patch 11:30 PM Monday August 26

    Next maintenance will start at 11:30 PM Monday August 26 and run for approximately 6 hours for the Resource Patch.

    Full notes will be posted during downtime.
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