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  1. Patch Notes 05.03.2013

    • Creature breeding adjusted to maintain a better balance between all creatures.
    • Creatures increase breeding dramatically if they reach a 'near extinction' level.

    Improvements / Bug Fixes
    • Cause of server lock up due to creatures out of bounds fixed.
    • Effect of tool bonuses correctly balanced when using tools without bonuses for the craft in use.
    • Tree planting permissions on tribe land uses the 'plant' rank setting correctly.
    • Players can't plant trees
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  2. Patch Notes 04.24.2013

    Improvements / Bug Fixes

    • Weight of currency reduced. All currencies set to the same weight.
    • Power variable on animal resources and components displayed in item tool tip.
    • Issue with door permissions not working depending on order of permissions set fixed.
    • Welmeti Deerbone Chestplate recipe corrected.
    • Trade totem should correctly display seller's name.
    • Trade totem should display correct prices in the allied tab.
    • Sort buttons in the trade totem allied tab functional.
    • Artisan
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  3. Patch Notes 04.22.2013

    Improvements / Bug Fixes

    • Carrots removed from foraging table. Carrots converted to Yarrow. (Carrots were in testing for the coming agriculture system).
    • Archery skill showing for some characters removed.
    • Using the search function in the craft panel while a search is in progress cancels the craft if the scheme is deselected.
    • Pioneer and Scrapper chalk schemes added.
    • New tools correctly apply bonuses.
    • New tool schemes correctly require matching base schemes.
    • Stumps can be
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  4. Patch Notes 04.19.2013 - Massive Trade and Quest Totems Update!

    Trade and Quest Totems!

    • ​​Can be placed on allied land.
    • Tribes can place one trade and one quest totem on their home tribe land.
    • Tribes can place additional trade and quest totems on allied land as follows:

    Homesteads - 1 additional trade and 1 additional quest totem.
    Bands - 2 additional trade and 2 additional quest totems.
    Clans - 3 additional trade and 3 additional quest totems.
    Tribes - 4 additional trade and 4 additional quest totems.

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  5. Patch Notes 12.07.2012

    Characters can now only gain schemes at or below their current skill level through inspiration.
    Players with active paid time can use schemes 10 points above their current skill level.
    Players without an active paid time are limited to using schemes at or below 30 skill level.
    Skill level for schemes shown on selected schemes in the craft panel.

    Bug Fixes
    Faulty surfaces removed from the database.
    Patch Notes
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