1. Xsyon: Apocalypse Announces Kickstarter Fundraiser!

    Notorious Games is proud to announce the launch of a Kickstarter fund raiser to bring Xsyon out of the Prelude and into the future with a full featured release of Xsyon: Apocalypse

    Please visit our Kickstarter Project Page for full details.

    Join us in creating a new world!

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  2. Xsyon Prelude Account Prices Reduced!

    We have reduced the prices for Xsyon Prelude Game Accounts and Subscriptions as follows:

    Xsyon Game Account: $29.99
    Xsyon Monthly: $9.99
    Xsyon Quarterly: $28.47
    Xsyon BiAnnual: $53.94
    Xsyon Yearly: $95.88

    Prices have been reduced as we enter a new phase of Xsyon's development moving forward to launch Xsyon Apocalypse in 2013!

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  3. Xsyon Announces Free Trials!

    Our Free Trial Server is now open to the public!

    Experience Xsyon as it is on our Main Server, for Free!

    All players old and new that are signed up on our forums now have access to the Trial Server. Instructions on Trial Server access are available on your account page after signing up.

    Trial Server data will be reset every Monday morning.

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  4. Welcome To Our New Website!

    We're proud to unveil this new site for Xsyon. This site features an improved look and layout and introduces a few new pages and coming features.

    We've updated our Gallery and have added a News section where you can be kept up to date more directly with our latest Updates and Patch Notes.

    The Xsyon Wiki will be coming soon in the Community section

    The In Development page will keep you informed of what's in progress and what's planned for the future.

    Updated 01-16-2013 at 12:11 PM by XsyonMaster

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