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  1. Patch Notes 08.25.2014

    - Cooking is accessed by right clicking a lit fire. This gives the Roast option.
    - The cooking panel allows you to create a custom recipe from a set of Primary, Secondary and Seasoning ingredients.
    - As you gain skill you can combine more ingredients to create a recipe.
    - You can scroll through the recipe levels to create simpler recipes below your current level.
    - Food ingredients include animal parts, fish, foraged plants and grown crops.
    - Items serve ...

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  2. Patch Notes 06.25.2014

    Terrain Reversion

    - Terrain reverts land to its original height over time on public land.
    - Water on public land rapidly reverts to its original level.

    - Terrain on tribe land plus a buffer around the tribe does not revert.
    - The tribe leader can set the buffer between 0 and 10 meters.
    - The default buffer is 10 meters.

    - Terrain reversion on public land is blocked by completed buildings.

    - Small objects such as bins and bundles ...

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  3. Patch Notes 05.09.2014

    Minor Improvement Update

    Search added to Architecture panel.
    Account button added to the Help panel.

    Nourishment ok levels changed to between 20% and 80%.
    Hydration ok levels changed to between 20% and 80%.
    Buffs display for well fed and well hydrated levels.
    Hunger and Thirst renamed to Nourishment and Hydration.

    Masonry and leathercraft listed under correct stat panels.
    Typo stating ...
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  4. Patch Notes 05.02.2014

    Tutorial and Improvement Patch

    Tutorial Panels introduced!
    - Tutorial provides over 200 panels of instructions and information for players, new and old.

    - Permissions and locks combined into one panel for objects that use both.
    - Permissions / locks icon added to your equipped pack and pouch panels.
    - Revised handles on gauges.
    - Creature life and energy bars changed to red and green.
    - Added messages to eating ...

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  5. Patch Notes 03.17.2014

    War and Peace Server Launch

    The War (PvP) Server allows for player vs player combat and looting.

    The Peace (PvE) Server does not allow players to hit or loot other players.

    Players are allowed one character on each server (on one account).

    Active (paid) subscriptions will keep characters on both servers active.

    Inactive (unpaid or Guest) subscriptions will require the player to login to each server to keep each character active. ...

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