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  1. Xsyon Update In Progress!

    The Xsyon Servers are temporarily down for large optimization patch. For those playing outside of Steam, this patch will require a new launcher obtainable through your account page.

    Back-end systems for the game and the Xsyon website are also being transitioned.

    During this time, new registrations will be disabled.

    I will post again when this patch and transition is complete!
  2. Developer Update 2017.04.05

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    Players who participated in last year's event season can now redeem event tokens though the help ticket or by contacting a Guide in game. Details on prizes and how to go about redeeming your tokens are posted here

    As noted before, several upcoming updates and preparatory optimizations are in final testing.

    The current updates ready for testing include:

    - Revised windowed mode and new border-less windowed mode.

    Developer Updates
  3. Patch Notes 05.10.2017 Login Upgrade

    The website and game login system has been updated. Please take note of the following changes:

    - Passwords can now range from 8 to 16 characters
    - Players can use the same email address for multiple accounts.
    - Players must use valid email addresses for new accounts.

    If you have any issues resetting your password, please contact us
    Patch Notes
  4. Patch Notes 04.24.2015

    Architecture Parts Update

    New architecture parts
    - Floors 2x4 meters
    - Floors 8x8 meters
    - Decks 2x4 meters
    - Ramps 2x2x2 meters
    - Railings Type 1 4 meters wide
    - Railings Type 1 2 meters wide
    - Railings Type 2 4 meters wide
    - Railings Type 2 2 meters wide
    - Railing Gates 2 meters wide
    - Walls 2 meters wide
    - Beams 8 meters long
    - Cantilevers 4x8 meters

    Note: 4x8 Cantilevers are currently very rare ...

    Updated 04-24-2015 at 02:55 AM by XsyonMaster

    Patch Notes
  5. Welcome Stations Arrive!

    Another unique feature debuted in Xsyon this past week, the Welcome Station!

    Welcome Stations allow existing tribes to stage entrance areas for new players. New players arrive at these stations where they can find nearby quests and items for sale and where they can leave messages and apply for tribe membership.

    Tribe leaders and members with permissions can manage the stations and accept new tribe members while they are offline.

    The Welcome Station is designed ...
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