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  1. Patch Notes 05.16.2012

    Animations patched out for creature combat in water and preparation for revenants.

    Revised creature calculations and position message broadcasting.
    Revised thread and CPU usage to prevent lag and desynchronization issues.
    Memory leaks found and fixed (In Progress).
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  2. Patch Notes 05.11.2012

    Optimized client thread locking to prevent potential crashes.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed issue with architecture projects becoming deselected on move.
    Fixed problems causing other players and creatures to not always load properly for players crossing zones.
    Fixed problems causing players to not load properly for each other when teleporting at the same time.
    Adjusted code to reduce desynch and lag caused by recent changes.
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  3. Patch Notes 05.09.2012

    Client side thread locking improved to prevent potential crashes.

    Bug Fixes
    Main interface icons adjusted for 1024x768 resolution
    Issue causing carts to sometimes be lost when dropped at a zone border fixed.
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  4. Patch Notes 05.07.2012

    IOCP implemented on client side.

    Stat gain on crafts and construction increased.
    Stat gain on combat skills reduced.
    Stat gain overall balanced.
    Bugs with stat adjustment fixed.

    User Interface
    Keybinds set up for Scroll Keys for scrolling lists using keys (in progress).
    Minor interface art updates.
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  5. Developer Update 2013.08.07

    The Xsyon website front page and announcement section of the forums have been updated today.

    From now on all news, updates and patch notes will be featured on the home page and archived in the News / Blog pages.

    Updated 08-07-2013 at 09:18 AM by XsyonMaster

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