Patch Notes

  1. Patch Notes 11.17.2014


    - Collision improved for easier movement on ramps and thresholds.
    - Zone loading process streamlined.
    - Automatic crash log reporting system added.
    - Keybind system revised to prevent failed binds and other minor issues.
    - Weights for cloth and leather revised to be more consistent.
    - Permissions revised on buildings when a player leaves a tribe.
    - If player leaves a tribe:
    -- The player can't destroy buildings he built
    -- ...
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  2. Patch Notes 10.31.2014

    - Movement on slopes revised to prevent players getting blocked when jumping across trenches and similar situations.
    - Parry revised to take into account parrying skill for damage reduction.
    - Craft knife added as a default starter tool.
    - Tribe leader can harvest plants owned by any tribe member.
    - Trial tribe expiration displays on trial tribe totems.

    International Keyboard Revisions
    - Special language characters should not appear and ...
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  3. Patch Notes 10.20.2014

    - Grass regrowth rate increased.
    - Grass does not regrow during Winter.
    - Grass regrows at an increased rate during Spring.
    - Tree resource renewal rate increased.
    - Tree resources not not replenish during Winter.
    - Tree resources replenish at an increased rate during Fall.

    - Tutorial panel opens for new players with side panels open.
    - Tutorial panel displays automatically for all players with less than one full ...
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  4. Patch Notes 10.16.2014

    Free Tribe and Construction Evaluation
    - Trial players can start a tribe charter and tribe (homestead only).
    - Trial players can terraform and build (on their homestead).
    - Trial player buildings removed when the evaluation time expires.
    - Trial player buildings removed if they abandon their tribe.
    - Pop up messages warn trial players that their tribe will expire.
    - Trial players cannot invite members to their tribe
    - Trial players skills limited to 30 ...
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  5. Patch Notes 09.29.2014

    Installer / Launcher
    - New Launcher removes the second log in and allows the player to select the War or Peace server at the game screen.

    The latest installer is here

    - Improved cart collision so that players can carry carts up ramps and in tighter situations. This collision does allow the cart to go through walls, but this is a trade off.
    - Object placement on buildings revised, taking into account multiple story construction and improved placement ...

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    Patch Notes
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