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  1. Minor Patch Released

    A minor patch was released today. Patch notes are here. This patch finishes up systems that were rushed out with the last update. I am getting back to the farming and cooking systems this week and hope that the Test Server will be open to test both by the end of this week!
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  2. Patch Notes 11.25.2013

    Minor Improvement Patch

    - Carts use one timer only.
    - Carts can be attached and dropped on any tribe land.
    - Cart timers and status should appear updated correctly in all cases.

    - Level up requires dirt.
    - Level down acquires dirt.

    Bug Fixes
    - Issue causing some players to have an empty skill window fixed.

    In the past two weeks the server has also been optimized for faster start up times during ...
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  3. Final Cart Testing on the Test Server

    The Test Server is open for checking final revisions to the cart permission and abandonment system. Please provide feedback here.

    I plan to patch this update tonight if no problems are found. Thanks!

    Updated 11-24-2013 at 12:10 PM by XsyonMaster

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  4. Test Server Open For Cart Testing

    The Test Server is open for checking some fixes to cart permissions. Please join us in testing and providing feedback here. Thanks!
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  5. Minor Improvement Patch Released!

    The Main Server has been patched with improvements to carts and other systems. Full patch notes are here

    This patch was rushed out as an emergency update to fix some settings that appeared to be causing the server to lag and lock up over the past few days. Hopefully the problem is now resolved.
    A few changes were patched unfinished.

    - The new level up and level down terraforming commands will use or gain dirt.
    - Tribe leader and rank permissions for using deserted ...
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