Patch Notes

  1. Patch Notes 05.10.2017 Login Upgrade

    The website and game login system has been updated. Please take note of the following changes:

    - Passwords can now range from 8 to 16 characters
    - Players can use the same email address for multiple accounts.
    - Players must use valid email addresses for new accounts.

    If you have any issues resetting your password, please contact us
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  2. Patch Notes 05.10.2017

    Major optimization and preparation patch!

    Server and client side arrays updated to use more optimal storage systems.
    Server and client side text functions optimized.
    Server side logging extensively improved.

    Major changes
    - Borderless windowed mode added.
    - Regular windowed modes adjusted.
    - Windows 10 compatibility issues improved.

    Minor changes
    - Trade, Craft and Quest inputs now allow for several punctuation marks. ...
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  3. Patch Notes 08.25.2016

    Optimization Updates

    - Ongoing streamlining of text inputs and displays.
    - Ongoing array optimization.
    - Ongoing network packet optimizations.

    These optimizations were released in a series of minor updates and will continue!
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  4. Patch Notes 08.08.2016

    Optimization and Bug Fix Patch


    1) Corrected and improved occlusion system. This should improve frame rate.

    2) Revised text / string uses. This affects all text in game (chat, any displays with text).

    3) Optimized array systems. This affects anything that is stored in arrays (inventory, meshes, textures).

    4) Optimized networking packets. This slightly reduces the amount of data sent and received and primarily affects inventory ...
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  5. Patch Notes 01.22.2016

    Optimization Patch

    - Grass regeneration increased.
    - Fixed problem with stacking logs and bundles across a zone boundary.
    - Adjusted Welcome Stations to require only active quests and trades on one totem per tribe instead of all existing totems.
    - Cleaned up inventory transaction code to prevent minor issues with carts, bundles and packs occasionally being unable to be removed.
    - Blocked rare situation where players could try to place a container inside itself ...
    Patch Notes
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