Latest Updates

  1. Halloween Sale!

    Xsyon is on sale for Halloween through November 2nd!

    The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG has a lot in the works right now.

    Recent updates include long awaited Pets and Mounts. Upcoming features in the works include ranged combat, interface revisions and many improvements based on player feedback.

    A more in depth developer update has been posted below.

  2. Developer Update 2020.10.29

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    I've been very busy over the past several weeks and would like to update everyone on what is in the works.

    The next big feature on my list is ranged combat (bows). Ranged combat is a long awaited feature that had been started way back when Xsyon first launched but the old code was scrapped and I started from scratch to create a system that fits with the current code. I'm about 75% done with what needs to be finished before public testing.
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