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  1. Patch Notes 05.02.2014

    Tutorial and Improvement Patch

    Tutorial Panels introduced!
    - Tutorial provides over 200 panels of instructions and information for players, new and old.

    - Permissions and locks combined into one panel for objects that use both.
    - Permissions / locks icon added to your equipped pack and pouch panels.
    - Revised handles on gauges.
    - Creature life and energy bars changed to red and green.
    - Added messages to eating ...

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  2. Patch Notes 03.17.2014

    War and Peace Server Launch

    The War (PvP) Server allows for player vs player combat and looting.

    The Peace (PvE) Server does not allow players to hit or loot other players.

    Players are allowed one character on each server (on one account).

    Active (paid) subscriptions will keep characters on both servers active.

    Inactive (unpaid or Guest) subscriptions will require the player to login to each server to keep each character active. ...

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  3. Patch Notes 02.28.2014

    Minor Improvements Patch

    - Improved server side stat update functions.
    - Improved logging for lag detection.

    Bug Fixes
    - Corrected formatting for stats panel.
    - Action bar does not reset or glitch during death or player teleport.
    - Fixed keyboard input glitch with key commands getting stuck after using alt-tab.
    - Schematics that require two skills display both skills in the tool tip.
    - Characters can now jump properly ...
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  4. Patch Notes 02.21.2014

    Character Creation Patch

    Notable Improvements
    - Improved character creation panels, featuring information on stats and skills and a location map.
    - Additional options for reporting bugs and issues from the help button.

    Server Improvements
    - Extensive logging to detect causes of lag and server lock ups. This logging system will be disabled once problems are found and fixed.

    Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
    - Quality of knife used in hunting ...
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  5. Patch Notes 02.03.2014

    Optimization and Improvement Patch

    Notable Improvements
    - One currency used at trade totems - dollars. Other currencies are replaced with dollar bills.
    - Camera view set to a fixed vertical field of view offering widescreen resolutions a wider horizontal field of view.
    - Keyboard input completely redone with a more robust system.

    Server Optimizations
    - Optimized entering and crossing zone loading to prevent lag.
    - Optimized skill and experience ...
    Patch Notes
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