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  1. Patch Notes 2021.08.09

    Hall of Heroes & Hall of Legends Patch

    - Hall of Heroes & Hall of Legends
    -- Two new building uses are available (for tents, teepees, etc. like other building uses), the Hall of Heroes and Hall of Legends.
    -- The Hall of Heroes displays the top 22 players in 16 different categories whose tribe is within 1000 meters of the current tribe.
    -- The Hall of Legends displays the top 22 players in 16 different categories in the entire world of Xsyon.
    -- Hero ...
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  2. Patch Notes 2021.07.21

    Workshop and Resources Update

    - Workshop building use
    -- Players can set buildings as Workshops
    -- When standing inside a Workshop, all tools and materials contained in that building are automatically available in the player’s crafting panel.
    -- All players with Lock permissions can use the Workshop building.

    - Improved gathering
    -- Scavenging and Foraging now automatically find available items and display them as icons in the Resource bar. Players ...
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  3. Patch Notes 2021.06.29

    Minor changes and bug fixes. This includes minor hot fixes over the past several days.

    - New crafting panel is translucent so you can see what's going on behind it.
    - Info on starting combat skills during character creation fixed.
    - Fix for issue causing the selection menu to stop functioning when you try to plant seeds on land that has not been plowed.
    - Issues with crafting queue fixed.
    - Deselecting a world object (building etc.) no longer closes associated ...
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  4. Patch Notes 2021.06.23

    Interface Update

    - New Crafting Panel
    -- Panel automatically displays all materials currently available in the player's packs for the active scheme. Players no longer have to search through their packs for tools and materials.
    -- The currently selected scheme displays the final bonuses an object will receive based on the input tools and materials. This allows players to know exactly what their results will be before they craft an object.

    - Top Menu Option ...

    Updated 07-21-2021 at 10:37 AM by XsyonMaster

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  5. Patch Notes 2021.05.27

    Ranged Combat Patch!

    - Bows and arrows functional.
    - Crafting bows and arrows.
    - Ranged and bow skills added.
    - Combat upwards angle limit increased.
    - Revised collision functions.
    - Options to show ping and display creature hp save to file.
    - Player is offset from center by default but can be centered in an option setting.
    - Revised tutorial.
    - Ongoing optimizations both Server and Client side.

    Updated 05-27-2021 at 01:45 AM by XsyonMaster

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