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  1. Patch Notes 11.10.2013

    Carts and Improvement Patch

    - Carts on tribe land, not accessed by the owner for INACTIVE days can be moved by the tribe leader.
    - Carts on tribe land, not accessed by the owner for DESERTED days can be opened by the tribe leader.
    - Carts not on the owner's tribe land and not used by the owner for ABANDONED days become abandoned.
    - Carts can only be traded by the cart owner.
    - Owner can destroy carts.

    INACTIVE = 18 game days (2 real ...
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  2. Patch Notes 09.10.2013

    Female Armor Patch
    Long awaited cloth and leather female armor sets are here! New sets can be gained through crafting or scavenging for patterns.

    7 new cloth and 11 new leather female armor sets have been added.

    Resources further revised, increasing the chance of rare and epic materials found.
    Resource system code cleaned up and optimized.

    Carts can travel on any slopes players can travel on.
    Carts abandoned when ...
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  3. Patch Notes 08.27.2013

    Resources Patch I
    Scavenged resources redistributed and improved. With new developer tools and an improved system, resource distribution can be managed easily and improved upon over time.

    Regional distribution of scavenged and sorted resources.
    Increased chance of rare resources in high danger areas.
    Scavenging skill increases chance to find rare resources.
    Weights of items revised and balanced.
    Armor bonuses added to feathers.
    Armor ...
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  4. Patch Notes 07.08.2013

    Creature Repopulation Patch II
    Migration system improved and creatures further balanced, keeping the Xsyon sandbox world full of life.

    Migration adjusted to better assign creatures to appropriate danger zones.
    Mutants migrate and balance across extreme and high danger zones.
    Creatures gain additional power over time.
    Creature hp revised and reduced, especially for small creatures and children.
    Large creature attack range reduced.
    Max ...

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  5. Patch Notes 06.06.2013

    Creature Repopulation Patch I
    Creatures balanced and migration revised to ensure a world full of creatures. Creatures now range in power to provide a satisfying hunt for new as well as veteran characters.

    Migration system completely redone to ensure a better balance and spread of creatures throughout the Xsyon world.
    Creatures age faster.
    Creatures run slower in general, especially small critters.
    Creature speed is variable based on the creature's ...

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