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  1. Patch Notes 02.12.2018

    Minor optimization patch

    - Function revisions to prevent and detect potential errors and crashes.
    - Preparations for upcoming creature AI changes.
    - Database clean up to remove obsolete data.
    - Creature migration system run.
    Patch Notes
  2. Developer Update 2018.01.18

    Hello Xsyon Citizens,

    I will continue to patch small updates today and over the next week or two. These small patches are simply more optimizations, crash prevention, data gathering and preparations for things to come.

    You won't notice much unless you are one of the few players that sometimes gets a crash. In that case, hopefully you will get less or no crashes!

    Developer Updates
  3. Developer Update 2018.01.05

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    The Winter Sale is now official over. A big welcome to all new players that joined during this time!

    I've also updated the servers with my latest optimizations and preparations for future patches. There will be several small updates like this as I get ready for final tests on upcoming features.

    Welcome to the new year and enjoy!
    Developer Updates
  4. Patch Notes 01.05.2018

    Minor patch to update servers with latest optimizations and preparations for future patches.
    Patch Notes
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    To celebrate the holidays, Xsyon is on sale through January 4th at a 50% discount!

    Santa and his Guide Team Elves are also delivering gifts in game through Tuesday, January 2nd!

    This year we will are giving out Christmas outfits and if requested one blueprint, pattern or scheme per character.

    Guides will announce in game when they are delivering gifts directly to players. They will also deliver baskets of presents ...
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