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  1. Developer Update 2022.03.21

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    I'd like to give you all a quick update on what's currently in the works. My primary goal at the moment is to wrap up and release two big features - the massive Terrain Expansion and the War System for the War Server.

    The Terrain Expansion is nearly ready for release.

    This week I will be running extensive tests and fast simulations of creature migration, tree spawning and scavenging distribution in the expansion regions. Next week I will ...

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    Developer Updates
  2. Preview Of Coming Attractions!

    Hello Xsyon Citizens!

    It's been a while since the last major update but there's a lot in the works and I expect to start patching updates again in the next few months!

    Here's a preview of what's coming up:

    Terrain Expansion

    The full original Xsyon map is close to being ready the public. Another large area of zones in nearly ready for patching and testing. Once that's been submitted, there are around 150 zones that still need to be checked over ...
  3. Christmas Event Saturday December 18th : Revenant Conquest!

    Due to popular demand we will be running another revenant conquest event, this time with a touch of Christmas.

    The fun will commence at 9:00 AM PST, Saturday December 18th and will continue on throughout the day.

    - Kill lots of Revenants!
    - Collect armor from revenants and turn it in for prizes. For every 3 pieces of revenant armor turned in you get an event token.
    - Come to Zone 737 X 944 Z 953 or ask in global chat for a Guide to summon you to the start of ...
  4. Massive Terrain Expansion In Final Testing Phase!

    The full Xsyon terrain is currently available for players to check out on the Test Server!

    Much thanks goes out to the volunteer players that have been helping smooth out errors and finalize the terrain so that it can be ready for public release!

    To celebrate this Xsyon is on sale this week, through December 13th.

    A map of the full terrain is available in the Developer Zone

    There are still a few steps to finalize this massive terrain expansion ...
  5. Halloween Event! Fight the Revenant Horde!

    This Saturday, come join in a player run Halloween Event!

    The fun starts at 9:00 AM PST and will continue throughout the day. Come join the fun and get some goodies.

    When the horde of undead invaded from the south, Daepadar and the people of Thurinbar fled up North
    and started a new tribe there called Angolardh.

    When they fled they only took a few prized possessions, leaving behind vast wealth, in the form of dollars, and individual gold bars hidden ...
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