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  1. Resource Patch Release Candidate Ready!

    We are running final tests on the release candidate build for the upcoming resource patch. Please join us on the Test Server if you like.

    The main change is a new resource distribution system. This system allows us to adjust scavenging and sorting drops for each region in a much easier, balanced visual manner. The distribution of scavenged items has been fully revised to be more regional and we will continue to revise over time if needed. From now on, doing so will be a simple task. ...
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  2. Xsyon Announces Repopulation Updates!

    Notorious Games is excited to announce the most recent updates to the sandbox MMORPG Xsyon:
    improvements that have repopulated and brought new life to the Xsyon world, filling the once sparsely populated landscape with wild creatures and mutants.

    Recent improvements include:
    Increased creature populations.
    Revamped creature migration system, maintaining balance across the land.
    Creatures gain power with age, combat and survival.
    Creature breeding ...

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  3. Patch Notes 07.08.2013

    Creature Repopulation Patch II
    Migration system improved and creatures further balanced, keeping the Xsyon sandbox world full of life.

    Migration adjusted to better assign creatures to appropriate danger zones.
    Mutants migrate and balance across extreme and high danger zones.
    Creatures gain additional power over time.
    Creature hp revised and reduced, especially for small creatures and children.
    Large creature attack range reduced.
    Max ...

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  4. Patch Notes 06.06.2013

    Creature Repopulation Patch I
    Creatures balanced and migration revised to ensure a world full of creatures. Creatures now range in power to provide a satisfying hunt for new as well as veteran characters.

    Migration system completely redone to ensure a better balance and spread of creatures throughout the Xsyon world.
    Creatures age faster.
    Creatures run slower in general, especially small critters.
    Creature speed is variable based on the creature's ...

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  5. Patch Notes 05.08.2013

    Improvements / Bug Fixes

    • Cause of server lockup fixed.
    • Memory use by the game client for creatures dramatically reduced.
    • Marmot parts stack count increased to match other animals.
    • Small creature innards can be dissected into parts, including guts.
    • The amount of guts used in crafting revised.
    • Artisan and Master armor schemes require base schemes.
    • Max craft amount for base leather schemes (leather, scraps, fur etc.) corrected to 20.
    • Search not automatically active when
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