• The Preatorian Guards Spring Clean Up 2012-01-11

    The Preatorian Guards Spring Clean Up - January 8th, 2012

    Introducing Xsyon First ever Player organised, Player Run Major Event! The Preatorian Guards Spring Clean Up

    The Praetorian Guard Tribe have created a day of Events for Survivors of the post apocalyptic Xsyon world. The Event day will start at 12pm PST on the 01.14.2011 this coming Saturday. Anyone is welcome to attend and join in.

    The Event will include games such as...

    The Fish Relay
    The Bear Arena of Doom
    The Great Obstacle Course
    The Great Treasure Hunt

    And possibly more.

    The Praetorian Guard tribe are putting most of the rewards forward themselves, with a little extra from the Xsyon Guide Team.

    This is set to be a fantastic and fun filled day, hopefully setting the way for other Tribes to create their own player ran Events.

    A Direct link to the event forum post can be found Here - http://www.xsyon.com/forum/showthread.php/7870-The-Preatorian-Guards-Spring-Clean-Up!-01-14-2011?p=92056#post92056

    We hope to see you all here, to celebrate this milestone for the Xsyon community!

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