• Xsyon Opens Player Architecture Gallery - 2012-01-16

    Xsyon Opens Player Architecture Gallery - January 16th, 2012

    The Developers at Notorious Games are proud to show off the latest addition to Xsyons Screenshot Gallery: Player Architecture.

    The sandbox mmorpg Xsyon features a flexible and extensive architecture and town building system. Notorious Games have been extremely impressed with player constructions and are really excited to see how the current creations evolve.

    Notorious Games have devoted a section in the Website Gallery to showcase player constructions from small villages to impressive monuments.

    There are some amazing and truly one of kind architecture projects going on right now in Xsyon!

    Come take a look at our gallery over at http://www.xsyon.us/content.php?9-media

    Xsyon is an open ended fantasy sandbox MMORPG that evolves with its community. The Prelude is the current, limited first release of the Xsyon virtual world. Players create their own virtual realities as they form tribes, build towns, shape landscapes, share quests and form societies.

    Notorious Games is currently taking orders for Xsyon: Prelude.

    Please visit www.xsyon.com for more information and to join us in creating a new world!