• Xsyon Trade Fair - 2012-02-16

    Xsyon Trade Fair - February 16th, 2012

    Notorious Games are proud to announce a Guide ran Trade Fair.

    The Xsyon Trade Fair is a meeting place for the whole Xsyon world to Trade their hard earned good, and haggle for new items.

    The Xsyon Guides have built a Market Trade area where participating Survivors will be teleported to. They will then be able to Trade their goods in peace and harmony free from Player Versus Player action, for whatever currency or items the players dictate.

    Survivors will be teleported to the Trade Fair with Carts in hand, and then be teleport back to their tribe location when the Trade Fair closes for the day.

    The Xsyon Guides will run the Xsyon Trade Fair two times per week on a Wednesday and Saturday.

    Notorious Games are hoping this will bring players from across the Xsyon world together to what will hopefully be a fun and prosperous meeting for all.

    Xsyon is an open ended fantasy sandbox MMORPG that evolves with its community. The Prelude is the current, limited first release of the Xsyon virtual world. Players create their own virtual realities as they form tribes, build towns, shape landscapes, share quests and form societies.

    Notorious Games is currently taking orders for Xsyon: Prelude.

    Please visit www.xsyon.com for more information and to join us in creating a new world!