• Temple of Gods - 2012-04-01

    Temple of Gods - April 1st, 2012

    Notorious Games are proud to announce our 2nd Player organised Event.

    Temple of Gods!

    Designed and organised by ‘Whorlok’ from the Tribe GERMANIA

    Competing Tribes will build their very own Temple made out of chopped logs. Each temple can be either 3x3, 5x5 or 7x7 Log stacks. Each size Temple will receive a bin depending on their Size.

    3x3 = 1 Bin of Tokens 5x5 = 2 Bins of Tokens 7x7 = 3 Bins of Tokens

    Each bin should be named after 1 of the 3 Gods chosen by the players GuideMihr – God of Armor GuideSophia – God of Weapons GuideForfax – God of Resources

    They will then defend their Temple from invading enemy players. Each Temple will be given a Container full of Tokens to defend.

    There are 2 sides, Attackers and Defenders.

    The Defenders need to protect their bin of tokens from the invaders.

    The Invaders must try to break into the Temples and steal as many Tokens as possible.

    At the end of the Event, the Tokens are handed in, and exchanged for valuable items.

    This is our 2nd Player created Event, and we are very excited to see more and more of these player created events.

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