• Stats Skills Quest - 2012-05-03

    Stats Skills Quest - May 3rd, 2012

    MMORPG Xsyon Announces a major game changing Update along with new Features!

    Notorious Games is proud to announce the latest major patch to the MMORPG, Xsyon. This massive Update provides much balance to the game play of Xsyon and introduces many new features!

    This update will drastically change how you Survive in Xsyon from now on.

    Features that have been added or revised include:

    Player driven Quest System revised - Allows players to create their own in-game quests, and reward other players for completing them. Both the creator and completer receive experience in the completion of a Quest.
    Skills re-worked to provide a balanced use of player stats.
    Skill system revisions with a soft cap, skill balancing and skill lock system for flexible character control.
    Increased stat gains based on actions. Players can also readjust stats a limited number of times.
    Health points re-worked to be based on stats and skills instead of gain over time.
    Experience gains per action and from quests allow player to gain skills without grinding.
    Many UI revisions including improvements to chat and in game lists.
    Material improvements including increased bonuses on resources gathered from aged and legendary creatures.

    A full list of improvements can be found here:


    Xsyon has a lot more in store in the near future! Starting May 18th prior subscribers are invited in groups to rejoin Xsyon for free game time, followed by the clearing out of abandoned tribes and arrival of undead!

    Come and experience how the game world has evolved. We look forward to seeing you in Xsyon!

    Xsyon is a unique fantasy role playing sandbox MMOPRG that allows players to create their own virtual realities as they form tribes, build towns, shape landscapes, create quests and build an economy.

    Xsyon is designed as an open ended sandbox MMORPG that evolves with its community. The Prelude is the current, limited first release of the Xsyon virtual world. During the Prelude, the Xsyon world and features continue to adapt and change based on community observation and feedback. Notorious Games is currently taking orders for Xsyon: Prelude.

    Please visit www.xsyon.com for more information and to join us in creating a new world!