• Evolution

    Xsyon is a constantly evolving game, currently in the Prelude phase. During the early stages, Xsyon pioneers began as hunters, gatherers and scavengers, laying the foundations for the future. In the current stage, Xsyon citizens are shaping the land, building towns and forming societies.

    As an ever-changing world, the features of Xsyon are constantly being added, revised, removed, combined and balanced based on player reactions and feedback. Xsyon is not intended as a final and complete product, but as a living and changing world that evolves over time.

    Future planned features include:

    Improved progressive and multi step crafting.
    Improved quest system.
    Comfort based on weather conditions and clothing, affecting most actions.
    Ranged combat.
    Cooking with player created recipes.
    Animal taming, pets and mounts.
    Dance system.
    New content: armor, weapons, items, containers and creatures.

    Join us on our forums to discuss the current and future evolution of Xsyon!

    The Unknown

    The full features and plans of the Xsyon online game world will never be fully disclosed. Part of the fun in playing is discovering the unknown. New features, skills, objects and creatures will typically be discovered in game before they are officially announced. A few hints to spark the minds of new Xsyon players:

    When and where you craft might be just as important as what you craft.
    Specialization leads to inspiration
    One manís trash is another manís treasure.
    Two minds are better than one.
    The world is changing, keep exploring.