• In Development

    Latest Patches

    Building use - Welcome Station
    Building use - Infirmary
    Improved trade totems with global trade view
    Trading Posts (trade with mist tribes)
    New architecture components
    Bridge building
    New multi story architecture system
    Farming system
    Cooking system
    Terrain reversion on public land
    Decay on public lands
    Tutorial system
    PvE server
    Revised character creation
    Single currency system
    Fixed vertical Field of View with a wider overall view
    Optimizations and Bug Fixes
    Help ticket system with in game link
    Cart timers and abandonment
    Female armor sets
    Scavenged resource redistribution
    Creature redistribution and improved system

    Current Round

    Creature revisions
    Creature path finding revised
    Combat revisions
    Animal Taming
    Artisan and Master weapons
    Two handed weapons
    Weapon bonuses revised
    Improvements based on Player Suggestions
    War Server territorial conquest system
    Personal currency consolidation
    Ranged Combat

    This round will be released as a series of patches.

    Next Round

    Additional Building Uses
    Scavenging tables revised
    Healing skill
    Tribe resource upkeep and bonuses
    Quest totems revised
    Additional crops for farming
    More new architecture parts
    Additional tools required for gathering actions

    Next Round

    Comfort levels
    Weather effects on players

    All rounds include bug fixes, optimizations and minor improvements.
    Planned improvements and features may change based on player feedback.