• Rules Of Conduct

    5. Rules of Conduct:

    You will not display inappropriate conduct while you have access to the game and its content. Such conduct includes but is not limited to:

    1. Any action that directly, or otherwise, interferes with server or network in such a way that was not intended by the creators.
    2. Any action that directly, or otherwise, interferes with other game users in such a way that was not intended by the creators.
    3. Use of third party software that would give you or anyone else an advantage of any form.
    4. Exploitation of the Software or the Service for material gain outside of the game.
    5. Abuse, harass or threaten another player or representative of Notorious Games.
    6. Use of any words that are deemed offensive or threatening or that may be sexually explicit . Use of words using symbols, different languages, or different forms of writing, including internet based ones like Leet, that represent the previous mentioned words will be treated in the same way.
    7. Organizing or becoming a member of a group that targets other players based on sex, race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.
    8. Failing to abide by any rules given to you at any time in any form by Notorious Games representatives.
    9. Disseminating or seeking to obtain the personal identity or information pertaining to Notorious Games volunteer staff, including but not limited to personal character accounts used by volunteer staff. By accepting this agreement you agree to keep confidential any such information you may obtain.
    10. Circulating false information regarding Notorious Games staff, the online game service or the development or management of Xsyon and related services.
    11. Impersonating any member of Notorious Games, volunteer, person of authority, declare to be one, or forge proof of any form that makes it appear you are a person of staff or authority.
    12. Discussing in game, on the forums or any other public forum or website any disciplinary action taken against you.
    13. Violation of any real world laws or regulations.
    14. Advertising, promoting or participating in any form of solicitation of products or other games in the game world or forums.
    15. Trading, purchasing, advertising, linking to, promoting or selling any product or service that is not an in game product or service.
    16. Arranging for, or transferring pirated content of any form.
    17. Providing or using a Xsyon emulator.
    18. Providing false information when registering for Xsyon.
    19. Using a proxy or hidden IP to register or access the game or forums.
    20. Using a disposable temporary email address when registering for Xsyon.
    21. Attempting to hack or decipher Xsyon servers.
    22. Sharing account passwords.
    23. Abusing Global Chat as outlined below.
    24. Encouraging others to break these rules.
    25. Applauding, condoning or justifying the actions of others who break these rules.

    Global Chat Rules

    The Xsyon Service includes a Global chat feature intended for players to communicate across the game world. The purpose of this chat is to assist new players, facilitate communication between distant players, manage staff and player run events, encourage trade and generate a positive community feel.

    You agree to refrain from:

    1. Criticizing the game development team, game design or features, or the Guide team. Feedback regarding game design and balance can be posted in the appropriate sections of the game Forums.
    2. Discussing other games or game services.
    3. Engaging in divisive real world topics including but not limited to religious and political discussion.
    4. Luring new players for the purpose of killing them and stripping them of their items.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in temporary or permanent ban from Xsyon. A ban will result in a Termination of Service as outlined below. Interpretation and enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of Notorious Games and its representatives.