• Refund Policy

    Refund Policy

    Xsyon (the "Service") is an interactive multiplayer online game world provided by Notorious Games, a Nevada LLC. It is not a product purchase. There are absolutely no refunds given on the establishment of an account and subscription to the service. The service is non-transferable. The Service is provided "AS IS" and is in a constant state of development and evolution. The experience of the online game will change over time.

    Signing up for the Xsyon service constitutes full acceptance of the Terms of Service and in accordance with the Terms of Service, Xsyon is a changing online world affected by the players. As such the world cannot be used as a free trial. Free trials will be offered separate from the paid Xsyon Service.

    There will be no refunds issued should your computer fail to meet the minimum requirements to run the software or due to your dissatisfaction with the service.

    For any assistance with inquires to your order or any other billing questions, please contact our accounts manager.

    The Xsyon proprietary Game Client (the "Software") can be obtained as a free online download and is required for your usage of the Service. The software is a free download provided “AS IS.”