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- Cooking is accessed by right clicking a lit fire. This gives the Roast option.
- The cooking panel allows you to create a custom recipe from a set of Primary, Secondary and Seasoning ingredients.
- As you gain skill you can combine more ingredients to create a recipe.
- You can scroll through the recipe levels to create simpler recipes below your current level.
- Food ingredients include animal parts, fish, foraged plants and grown crops.
- Items serve as either primary and secondary ingredients or secondary and seasoning ingredients.
- The effectiveness of the resulting food item is determined by your cooking skill, cooking stats and the quality of your cooking utensils.
- Secondary ingredients can be removed from recipes for additional flexibility.

Cooking Properties and Buffs
- Food ingredients combine to create food with various properties.

- Primary ingredients provide 4 types of buffs:
-- Health - restores health quickly as you eat.
-- Energy - restores energy quickly as you eat.
-- Health rate - increases health restoration rate for a set period of time.
-- Energy rate - increases energy restoration rate for a set period of time.

- Secondary ingredients provide a stat change buff that increases one stat and decreases another.

- Seasonings provided 4 types of effects:
-- Power - increases the power of applied positive stats buffs.
-- Mitigation - reduces the stat loss of applied negative stat buffs.
-- Duration - increases the duration of your applied rate and stat buffs.
-- Consumption - reduces the time it takes to eat a food item.

- Buffs applied by consumed food appear in your buff display with timers showing the time left on the buff.
- Food buffs are lost if you die.
- You can only gain stat buffs from your most recently eaten food. Eating food without stat buffs will not affect any currently applied stat buffs.

Cooking flavors
- Each food item has a flavor type.
- Primary flavors are: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Savory
- Secondary flavors are: Pungent (spicy), and Astringent and Cool (minty)
- Combine flavors to create a balanced taste for best results.
- Too many mixed flavors or too much of a flavor type will affect your final recipe.

- You can save recipes that you like in your cookbook. The cookbook can be opened from the cooking panel.
- You name your saved recipe and this name appears on your cooked product.
- The number of recipes you can save is noted in your cookbook.
- The number of recipes you can save is determined by your skill and intelligence (ranges from 5 to 30).
- Saved recipes are tracked for usage (use count displays after the recipe's name).
- Recipes that are used 1000 times become 'signature dishes'.
- Signature dishes are denoted in purple and give a chance of increased power and duration.
- Your chance of extraordinary results is increased by your charm.

Food decay and storage
- Food ingredients and cooked food rot quickly over time if not properly stored.
- Special food baskets and pouches reduce food decay, increasing food duration up to 200% of its original duration based on the quality of the basket.
- Food baskets protect a specific type of food (meat, fish, plants or cooked products).
- Food basket and pouch recipes can be gained by characters with a basketry skill over 80.

- Food can be further protected by storing your food in baskets kept in a commissary.
- Tribes of Band size and larger can set 1 to 4 buildings as commissaries based on tribe size type.
- To set a building as a commissary, right click the building to bring up the 'Set Use' option.
- Commissaries reduce decay on food items stored, providing up to 200% food duration.

- Farming skill added to the character's skill and action lists.
- Farming action opens a farming panel, with one action, plowing.
- Plowing prepares a tile of terrain for planting seeds.
- Plowing requires a shovel.
- New crop plants can be found through foraging.
- Extract seeds from crop plants. Right click for the menu. Extract one or extract all.
- Plant seeds on plowed terrain. Right click seeds to plant.

Plants gauges
Sun Level - Currently this is constant.
Water Level - Decreases every update. Increased by watering.
Weeds Level - Weeds have a chance of appearing every update. Cleared by tending.
Pest Level - Pests have a chance of appearing or increasing every update. Cleared by tending.
Fertilizer Level - Decreases every update. Increased by adding fertilizer.
Growth Level - Increases every update based sun, water, fertilizer and tending levels.

Right click a plant to perform the following actions
Water Plant - Requires a full water skin in your packs. Fills the water level of the plant.
Clear Weeds - Clears weeds from the plant.
Clear Pests - Clears pests from the plant.
Fertilize - Increases the fertilizer level of the plant. Requires fertilizer in your packs.
Harvest - Available only when the plant is ready. Only the farmer (owner) can harvest the plant.
Destroy - Available only for the owner or for any tribe member if the plant is dead.

Tending your plants
- Immediately water your plant. You will need a full water skin in your packs.
- Fertilizer (from guts or fish) can be used to increase growth rate.
- Plants update once every game day.
- Check your plant once per real day (or as you desire) to ensure the plant is well tended.
- Plants that lack water or tending will wilt and eventually die from neglect.
- Plants reaching maximum age will die. Days left in the plant's life cycle show in the plant's info display.
- Plants can be harvested when they reach 75% growth.
- Plants yield more produce as they continue to grow (up to 100%).
- Unfertilized plants stop growing at 75% if they remain unfertilized.
- Rainfall increased your plant's water level.

Well tended plants grow faster. The goal is to tend your plants well so that they can reach maximum growth (100%) before they reach maximum age.

- With your Farming panel open all nearby plants will display their information.

Exhaustion and Death
- Fatigue sets in at 5% energy, reduced from the prior 10%.
- Life slowly drains away if your character reaches 0% nourishment or thirst. (Does not apply to characters with less than 1 full experience bar)
- Dead players revive with 10% nourishment and thirst.
- Death removes all food buffs.

- Nourishment drain revised (slowed considerably).

- Raw food edibility and calories revised.
- Fish must be cooked to be eaten.
- Calories revised on all food.

- Skewer recipes added as first set of cooking utensils.

- Salt is found as a rare item on sand surfaces.
- Tar is found as a rare item on basalt surfaces.
- Leaves and sap are found as rare items on forest surfaces near trees.
- Butcher option available on creatures to allow gathering of animal meat.
- Fertilizer can be created from raw fish and animal guts.
- Failure while fishing reduced and revised to better accommodate new players.
- Extract All works on both crop plants that give seeds and cones.
- Extract and Extract All run skill gain for the appropriate skill (Foraging or Forestry).
- Extract can gain more than 1 seed, based on skill.
- Distance between forage attempts increased to 25 meters.
- Failure while foraging reduced and revised.

- Buffs sorted in a better specific order.
- Buffs for food bonuses added.
- Buffs for starvation and dying of thirst states added.
- Rarity of foraged plants indicated by the color of the plant's name in its tool tip.
- Energy bar displays %.

- You can now eat while sitting.
- Buffs that increase health or energy while eating apply the same while sitting or standing.
- Terraforming animations and shovel position corrected and improved.
- Shovel models re-sized to be consistent.
- Tool tip on Scrapper’s Rod properly shows duration.

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