Xsyon Farming & Cooking Update Announced!

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The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Xsyon has released its most highly anticipated update of the year, introducing farming and cooking systems to the game!

Xsyon players can now plant and raise a variety of different crops, watering, tending and fertilizing them to obtain bountiful harvests.

Xsyons innovative cooking system allows players to combine the ingredients and seasonings of their choice to create their own recipes. Players must match ingredient types and flavors to produce dishes that provide buffs and bonuses. Players can save their recipes in a cookbook and create special signature dishes.

This update also ramps up the survival aspect of the game as players now forage, fish, build fires and cook to survive and thrive in this apocalyptic new world!

Full patch notes are here


  1. MrDDT's Avatar
    I've very happy about this patch. Survival part of the game was lacking, and this boosted it up a lot. Can't wait for more. Thanks for the updates!